5 Hollywood Action Films Commando 2’s Vidyut Jammwal Would Be Perfect For

Rukmini Chopra

July 10, 2019


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Vidyut Jammwal has emerged to be one of the most talked about action heroes in Bollywood today. The actor got recognied for his skills in Commando: A One Man Army and Commando 2. His experience in Kalaripayattu puts him on an edge over the others and his chiseled physique and well-toned form keep audiences hooked!

Don’t believe us? Watch Commando 2 and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

The actor has impressed millions with his high-octane stunts and these qualities make him a perfect fit for some Hollywood action films.

1. The Mission Impossible series 

Mission Impossible Starring Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise has entertained us with some deadly stunts in the Mission Impossible series through all these years. But Vidyut’s skills make him a Bollywood front runner for the venture. Going by the actor’s performances in Commando: A One Man Army and Commando 2, Vidyut truly fits the bill to carry off the swanky action sequences shown in the MI series.

2. The Matrix series 

The Matrix Series Starring Keanu Reeves
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The Matrix series is all about class and sass. Vidyut has these qualities and more, to pull off Keanu Reeves’s character in the magnum opus series. Not only will the actor work those gadgets with perfection but also look uber stylish in the long caped black jackets and matching shades. Right, ladies?

3. The Fast and Furious series

The Fast And The Furious Series Starring Vin Diesel And Paul Walker
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We saw Vidyut performing some deadly action stunts in Commando 2, especially the scenes where he jumps off vehicles and boards them with one swift move. Going by the actor’s skills and form, he will be perfect to play the role of Dwayne Johnson in the series. Vidyut has similar skill sets as well as physique, to pull of Dwayne’s character with ease.

4. John Wick series

John Wick Series Starring Keanu Reeves
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In this film, all Keanu Reeves does is chase down the bad guys, one scene at a time. Give Vidyut this plot and we are sure he will nail it! The actor has already proven how good he is beating the bad men bloody in Commando: A one Man Army and its sequel.

5. The Wolverine series

The Wolverine Series Starring Hugh Jackman
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Going by the action-packed sequences that are seen in most supernatural films, Vidyut will be an easy fit, especially in the Wolverine series. Hugh Jackman may have set a high standard with his portrayal of Wolverine, but with Vidyut comes close with his form and skills. Just like Hugh, Vidyut will make for a tall, lean and mean Wolverine!  

Do you think we missed out on any film that the actor would be perfect for? Let us know in the comments below!

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