5 Heart-Breaking Truths About Transgender Issues Revealed By Gauri Sawant On Kanala Khada

Manjiri Shete

March 11, 2019


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1. Relationship with family

When Gauri Swant came on the stage of Kanala Khada with Sanjay Mone, she made sure to take us on a turbulent ride, one that won’t be easily forgotten. Starting from her birth, she knitted stories of the harsh life that she was destined to take.

Before you proceed, watch the episode below:

Gauri realised that she was different at the age of seven. At an impressionable time, her mother died giving her hard-hitting lessons on survival. She was made to learn cooking because “no one would be marrying her”. Meanwhile, her father has not accepted her until today.

2. Struggle with forging friendships

We blush thinking about the earliest memories with our best friends. Sadly, it isn’t an easy trip for everyone. For Gauri, it wasn’t easy. Boys teased her for being “too girly” while the girls couldn’t handle a boy taking a keen interest in their games. Rejected by her peers, the imaginary world Gauri created in her head became a reality.

3. First time on the road

After her mother and grandmother’s death and father’s unacceptance, she had no choice but to run away from home. She starved as she had no money to buy food. Gauri slept outside Dadar station. She was then taken in by a fellow transgender.

4. Magic of finding yourself

The transgender who took Gauri to her house gave her food and shelter. The following day, she dressed Gauri in a ghagra-choli and took her on the road to beg. Being dressed in a woman’s attire, she felt like a Cinderella. It later became one of the most important moments in her life.

5. Attention towards the third gender

She also mentioned how with the help of social media, topics like gender neutrality, gender dysmorphia are slowly entering the everyday lingo of people. Through this, slowly each of us is comprehending and empathising with the other gender.  Although we still have a long way to go, we will always have activists like Gauri Sawant pulling our attention towards the important issues.

Want to know what she discussed more? Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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