5 Gym Essentials To Have For Your Weight- Loss Mission Like Vazandar’s Pooja And Kaveri

Rukmini Chopra

January 18, 2020


1 min

1. The correct gym wear

Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat starrer Vazandar, tells the story of two plus sized women Kaveri and Pooja, who set out on a weight-loss mission together. Aside from dieting, they also workout religiously and if you too are on a similar mission, you need the right equipment for your work out routine. 

Watch the film here.

Firstly, you need the right gym wear. Wearing simple track pants and a top won’t cut it, you need sweat absorbent clothes that will protect your body from getting overheated. To get yourself a nice collection, you can check out pieces at Decathalon here.

2. A water sipper

It’s important to stay dehydrated when working out. Instead of gulping down water from a normal water bottle, it helps to have a sipper instead where you drink water in moderation. To get yourself one, check out this collection at Amazon.

3. A good pair of headphones

Most gyms have music but if you don’t like their playlist and want to tune in to your own during a workout session, make sure you have a good pair of headphones. You should get noise cancelling ones, that have a great base to get you pumped! You can buy a pair here at Flipkart.

4. A good pair of shoes

A bad pair of shoes can really hurt your feet and even lead to injury. In order to feel comfortable, it’s vital that you have a good pair of shoes that feel light on your feet. Don’t try and save money when it comes to shoes. Invest in them and buy a pair that will last you for a long time. You can check some out here at Amazon.

5. A good gym bag

Why carry your stuff in a regular bag when you can get yourself a swanky gym bag? These bags are made with special material and are much more sturdy than your regular bag packs. No longer are gym backs plain and boring. In fact they come in various colours and styles! Check out the collection here at Snapdeal here.

So which of these essentials are you excited to get first? Tell us in the comments section below. And happy gymming!

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