5 Fun Things To Do While Social Distancing, Inspired By Happu Ki Ultan Paltan!

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March 24, 2020


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1. Cooking Like Rajesh

Prevention is better than cure has proven to be the most used proverb in the last few days, as the deadly Coronavirus has victimized over three lakh people worldwide. We need to take better care of ourselves and our loved ones. Today, when terms like ‘Quarantine and Lockdown’ have become the most searched words, we feel that there a few measures we must take as responsible citizens and work on our part. We must stay inside our homes, but that is difficult, right? If you feel trapped inside the four walls of your home, we would like to help you feel better. Here are a few things inspired by Happu’s family that we suggest you can do in your free time!

You can try to cook new recipes like Rajjo and serve these delicious food items to your family. Watch how the delight spreads across their faces! You can try easy recipes like the fritters (pakodas) that Rajjo makes. These can be served with piping hot tea. Other than that, you can also experiment with the main course dishes in your lunch and dinner. Make something spicy like Paneer Masala or go all out and give your family a delicious Biryani!

2. Playing Video Games Like Hritik

In addition to eating and sleeping, you can try to play a few new video games that have arrived on the Android and iOS devices, just like Hritik plays on the show. These games also let you connect to your friends via multiplayer platforms, so you don’t feel as lonely.

3. Trying New Beauty Treatments Like Kate

You can also try to get better skincare solutions like Kate and make your skin glow this summer. You can try new makeup looks and experiment with products that suit your skin. You can try aloe vera masks if your skin type is dry, honey and melon masks if your skin is combination, and neem masks if your skin is oily. You must keep in mind that you have to do with whatever products are available in the house as going out is strictly forbidden. The kitchen is definitely your go-to place!

4. Reading Books And Newspapers Like Amma

Some brain food maybe? Try to read books and newspapers just like Happu’s Amma! You can read fiction, non-fiction, or re-read older favourites that you loved, or even comics! It’s time to revisit your childhood!

5. Practicing Self Defence Techniques like Malaika

Even though we are indoors, you must not forget to practice your self-defense techniques! Malaika’s punches and kicks are just the right inspiration for these.

We hope you found a few new ideas about what to do during this lockdown! Comment below to let us know which of these you would try!

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