5 Films Featuring ‘Victory’ Ventakesh That You Must Watch On ZEE5

Sneha Bale

June 9, 2019


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1. Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule

Telugu actor Venkatesh earned the moniker ‘Victory’ which has now become a part of his name. With a career spanning over three decades, Victory Venkatesh’s popularity spans across generations. We list down five Telugu films featuring the superstar that you can watch on ZEE5.

In Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule, Venkatesh plays the role of an unemployed and impatient lad who has multiple reasons to crib about his life. He decides to settle down and work hard instead of complaining when he meets Trisha, who plays his love interest in the film. Due to a few unfortunate events, he reaches a point where he has to give up on the one person he truly loves. Will he fight for her? Or will he simply let her go?

2. Nagavalli

Keeping suspense, comedy and thriller intact, Venkatesh takes on the weight of Nagavalli wonderfully. His timings will keep you hooked until the end. This film is the story of a family that witnesses strange events involving family members and within the house. It all begins when an age-old painting comes in the house as a prize for Kamalinee Mukherjee’s dance performance. Unable to find a solution to these events, the family appoints a world-class psychiatrist, played by Venkatesh. How he finds out the truth behind these strange events that are touted to be ‘supernatural’ will make the film worth your while.

3. Babu Bangaram

In Babu Bangaram, ACP Krishna, played by Venkatesh, is an honest police officer. He is willing to cross boundaries to bring justice to the pettiest of crimes. One of his cases introduces him to Sailaja, played by Nayanthara, who wants to find her runaway father and punish him for his crimes. Babji, played by Prudhvi Raj, is already head over heels in love with Sailaja. He asks Venkatesh for help with setting him up with Sailaja. Amidst helping Babji and Sailaja in their respective cases, Venkatesh and Nayanthara fall in love.

4. Eenadu

Venkatesh and Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan pair up for this thriller titled Eenadu (Today). Venkatesh, playing the role of Eashwar Prasad – a cop, narrates how one common man changed the course of his career with one phone call. An unnamed man, played by Kamal Haasan, calls the police department to inform them about five bombs planted across the city. After ignoring the calls as a prank, Eashwar is forced to take him seriously. What events follow that change Eashwar’s career forever, comprises the plot of the story.

5. Chanti

An unusual love story, Chanti is a 1992 film that remains a favourite among Venky fans even today. In this film, Venkatesh plays a servant in a zamindar’s household. As a loyal servant and because of his childlike innocence, he is trusted by all members of the family. One of the zamindar’s daughters falls for him and marries him without letting the word spread. Chanti, because of his naivety, is unable to comprehend this event. When the family finds out, their world comes crashing down. How they survive the wrath of their family and unite again makes this film interesting.

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