5 Favourite Edibles Of Namma Gundamma That All Kannadigas Will Relate To 

Parinika Uchil

April 26, 2019

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Geetha Bharathi Bhat, who plays the role of Geetha on Zee Kannada’s Bramhagantu, is a larger-than-life woman and doesn’t let her size affect her success. Fans always relate to the way she enjoys the littlest moments in her day, and life. Food is one of the things dear to her heart.

Watch today’s episode of Bramhagantu to know what’s cooking:

Geetha also loves to take pics of unique edibles that are her favourite and may set in nostalgia for you. So, if you are a true Kannadathi, get ready to check out these lip-smacking edibles.

1. Huli Mavinkayi

Raw mangoes or Huli Mavinkayi have been a major part of our childhood, at least mine. After school, I still remember saving up my pocket money just to buy them at the school gate. Surely, you too must have your share of memories with this snack.

2. Kadlekai

Any form of Kadlekai, or groundnuts and I would be at the beginning of the line for my share. Easily affordable, one pack of groundnuts was all I needed to fill my stomach after school. Apart from the roasted kadlekai, have you had the boiled ones?

3. Mavina Hannu

These yellowish-orange coloured beasts have filled most of my summers with delicious memories. Mangoes or Mavinkayi are also known as the King of fruits. As it turns out, they are Geetha’s favourite too.

4. Cutting Chai anyone?

During college, I would always stop at a small tea stall on the main highway, to have some cutting chai. I do not know why it is so, but somehow cutting chai always seemed better in taste. Geetha’s reasons for loving this beverage might be different but the love for it is quite the same.

5. The sumptuous Falooda

We believe every word of Geetha’s caption. If you haven’t tried this dessert yet, you are surely missing out on something major in life. Unless you have an allergy to sugar of course, then you are forgiven!

All munchies described by Namma Gundamma has some nostalgic value in my life. Not only is it relatable but happily sends me away into my nostalgic bubble.

Do you have any such dish that reminds you of your childhood? Have you reminisced the smaller things in life? If so, share your stories in the section below.

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