5 Events Shown In Sex Drugs & Theatre That Will Make You Nostalgic About Your College Life

Rukmini Chopra

July 29, 2019


4 min

Certain things have the power to transport us back in time be it a perfume, a favourite song, a forgotten event, so on and so forth. Such is also the case with TV shows and films that have seen capable of leaving viewers with some serious nostalgia. For example, if you studied engineering, we are sure you could relate to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. Or what about Veere Di Wedding, that could have reminded you of the madness that took place in your or your bestie’s wedding?

ZEE5’s original Marathi series Sex Drugs & Theatre will definitely make you miss your college life. The show, created by Sujay Dahake, tells the story of six college students that come together to participate in a theatre competition. While the entire series itself is a prescription for some serious dose of nostalgia, there are certain events in the show that will take you back to some specific memories from your college life. Have a look:

1. Bhola checking his name on the billboard list 

A Still From Sex Drugs & Theatre Starring Suyyash Zunzurke As Bhola
A still from Sex Drugs & Theatre Starring Suyyash Zunzurke As Bhola

All of us have gone through this drill, right? If you can recall the nervousness you felt to know whether you have passed or failed an exam, you are a college graduate!

2. Theatre students getting excited over tea

A Still From Sex Drugs & Theatre
A still from Sex Drugs & Theatre

This is an extremely relatable scene in the series, where theatre students jump with joy when the chaiwala enters, bearing hot cups of tea and samosas. A theatre student’s love affair with chai is a serious one!

3. Rewe taking notes under a tree

A Still From Sex Drugs & Theatre Starring Mitali Mayekar As Rewe
A still From Sex Drugs & Theatre starring Mitali Mayekar as Rewa

Why sit in a classroom when you can prepare notes while basking in the beauty of a great campus, right? We are sure you too have taken notes at venues within your campus, other than that boring and dull classroom!

4. Mukta asking her parents for money to contribute for her friend’s birthday gift 

A Still From Sex Drugs & Theatre Featuring Nayannah Mukey As Mukta
A still from Sex Drugs & Theatre featuring Nayannah Mukey as Mukta

This was our life, before we started earning, remember guys? The hilarious part is that Mukta even gets a scolding for asking for too much money. Now this hits too close to home!

5. Bhola lending his room to a friend for…

College life is incomplete without some romance and love affairs. In this scene, Bhola lends his room to a friend who gets a girl and asks if he can spend some time with her alone. Been there, done that?

Tell us about your favorite college memory in the comments section below!

If you enjoy binge watching, check out Arjun Rampal’s The Final Call streaming on ZEE5.

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