5 Essential Reasons Why Jodi Hakki Should Be Your Favourite Love Story Ever 

Parinika Uchil

June 12, 2019

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Love stories are easily forgotten if they don’t make a good impact on the audience. However, the Zee Kannada Kutumba always makes shows that attract viewers all the way till the end. One such serial is Jodi Hakki which basically means a pair of lovebirds.

Watch Rama getting emotional about his mother in this episode:

Starring Chaithra Rao as Janaki and Thandav Ram as Rama, this show will definitely be etched in your hearts forever. Here’s why.

1. Opposites attract

Janaki and Rama come from two completely different worlds. While one is illiterate but maintains his brawn side effectively, the other is an educated beauty with brains like no other. It is interesting to watch that they are not only the exact opposite of each other, but their families and backgrounds also have no comparison whatsoever!

2. Fun is a good thing 

With a shy personality, it is hilarious to watch Rama shying away from his bold and confident wife, Janaki. The pranks she plays on him are hilarious because of his one-of-a-kind reactions. She never forgets to sneak in a laugh or two when he is embarrassed. Make sure to take notice while watching the show.

3. Keeping it together

Together, they bring out the best in each other. While Rama ensures everyone’s happiness, Janaki makes sure to keep all the negativity at bay so that no harm comes to her family.

4. Cumulative efforts

Rama is a shy person by nature and makes efforts to become the husband he is expected to be. Janaki, on the other hand, constantly advises about life choices and helps him through his obstacles. The balance is what makes this love story so heart-warming.

5. Never give up attitude

No matter the level of difficulty thrown their way, both Rama and Janaki work together to come up with a solution. With their love and trust in place, they never give up and work towards overcoming the hurdle with ease.

What are your reasons for liking Jodi Hakki? Do you relate to Namma Janaki and Rama? We will be awaiting your comments in the space given below.

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