5 Entertaining Highlights From Didi No. 1 Season 8 That You Will Enjoy Watching


May 21, 2020


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1. Lip-reading with Koel Mallick

In the Zee Bangla reality show, Didi No. 1, a diverse group of women from across the state participate in a variety of games and demonstrate their different skills for a chance to win lots of exciting prizes. We get to see them do this on screen, and it makes for excellent entertainment. Here are some highlights from the reality TV show in Bangla hosted by actor-anchor Rachna Banerjee that are plenty of fun to watch. Check them out!

In this clip from Episode 282 of Season 1, Shesh Theke Shuru actor Koel Mallick appears on the show and joins in the fun. Contestants like Sudipta play a game where her ears are blocked and she has to guess the words that Koel is mouthing, making for some hilarious scenes to ensue!

2. Police officer Anima's Story

In episode 283 of Didi No.1 Season 8, police officer Anima Biswas shares her incredible story with the host Rachna. We get to hear about her experience of rescuing a girl who was abducted for child trafficking. The girl, although traumatised and vulnerable, accepted Anima as one of her own, and her tale will truly move you. This is why the show is also as enriching to watch as it is entertaining.

3. The headphone round

This is another fun segment from Episode 278 of Didi No.1 Season 8 in which Bengali TV serial Joy Baba Lokenath actor Soumili Biswas challenges the contestants to read her lips and guess all the words that she is pronouncing. While wearing headphones that cancel out all sound, the participants scrambled to identify the words and rack up the most number of points.

4. Guessing game

In Episode 274, the contestants had to arrive at the answer based on the actions of the person standing in front of them, who was trying to describe it with frantic signalling! Actor Manasi Sinha was the special guest in this segment, and she did a marvellous job of acting out the answers.

5. Final round

In Episode 273, four final contestants battled it out with each other in the last leg of the competition. Rachna was about to ask the final question, and we waited with bated breath to see who manages to figure out the answer correctly! This one is a gripping and an especially exciting segment. Check it out here.

Which of these highlights from Didi No. 1 did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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