5 Easy And Everyday Hairstyle Inspos From Meghana Lokesh That You Can Try

Sneha Bale

October 13, 2019


1 min

1. Beach waves

Meghana Lokesh has become a household name because of her double-role as Nithya and Manga in the popular Telugu TV show Kalyana Vaibhogam. Just like the show, Meghna loves twists and turns – but with her hair.  

We stalked her Instagram and came back inspired to recreate five easy hairstyles that are great for every day.  

See Meghana Lokesh rock the subtle beach waves? The next time you plan to sunbathe on the beach, let your hair down and allow the salty air to do its magic to your hair.  

2. Business Look

Although Meghana is dressed casually, this hairstyle can add a dash of glam to your formal attire. To achieve this look, all you must do is part your hair sideways, twist both sides and pin them at the back. Now, tie your hair in a low ponytail.  

3. Glam Up

On the days you feel fancy or need to attend an event, try this look of Meghana’s. Take any large barrel curling iron and style from the mid-section to the tip of your hair. Next, part your hair sideways. You can leave it at this. If you do not enjoy hair strands falling on your forehead, like Meghana, you can twist one section of your hair and pin it above your earlobe.  

4. Straight Up Genius

The straight hair Meghana is sporting here works great for all events. From business to party looks, you can never go wrong with straight hair.  

5. Confused But Cute

On days when you are unsure about letting your hair down or tying up your mane in a bun, try this look from Meghana. Take the top half portion of your hair and tie it in a messy bun and leave the rest as it is. To add some glam, you can also curl the tips.  

Now it’s time to try on these looks. If you plan on saving the effort for later, head to ZEE5 and watch Meghana in action in Kalyana Vaibhogham or Raktha Sambandham. 

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