5 Dialogues From Srimanthudu That Will Make You Emotional

Sneha Bale

July 26, 2019


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1. Vinadaniki Chala Silly-ga Untundi...

Srimanthudu is indeed the story of a Srimanthudu, Harshavardhan – the only heir to the multi-billion Raghavendra empire. In this Telugu film, when his father (played by Jagapati Babu) tells Mahesh Babu’s character, Harsha, to take over the business, he replies: “Naaku alanti aalonchana leduandi” (I have no such thoughts). When his father reminds him that all the wealth is eventually his, the modest and carefree Harsha says, “Alanti maatalu vinadaniki chala silly-ga untundiandi“.

Wealth has always been placed as a priority. But a true Srimanthudu does not need anything that is not for the benefit of his people.

2. Maa inti aadapilla. Baaga chuskovalli...

The man who can run an empire does not have the time to deal with people’s issues. But Harsha isn’t like others. When he realises the issues that one of his old and loyal workers is facing with his daughter’s wedding, Harsha himself goes to the worker’s house and saves the day. Before leaving he tells them: “Maa inti aadapilla. Baaga chuskovalli” (She is the daughter of my house, be sure to take good care of her.)

3. Bad ante nee la kadu… Adee oka rakam…

A newbie in the business tries to threaten Harsha’s family. Seeing his family tensed, Harsha finds out about the fellow’s background and reaches out to his father and warns him politely. He says, “vaadi venekala oka bad father unnadu ani. Naa family kapadadanki nenu oka bad son unnanu“. He further adds, “Bad ante nee la kadu… Adee oka rakam” (There’s a bad father to save him. I am the bad son to save my family. And.. ‘bad’ not like you… it’s a whole new thing.)

4. Urune kaachukuntu bratike, matti manishi…

When Harsha confesses his feelings to Shruti Haasan‘s character Charuseela, she denies being in love with him. Because they belong to different ideologies. She says, “kotu sampaadinchagane swanturu ni marchipoina dabbu manishi Ravikant gari abbayi vi nuvve. Urune kaachukuntu bratike, matti manishi kuturuni nenu…“. (You are the son of billionaire Ravikant who doesn’t know his roots. I am the daughter of a man who wouldn’t leave his roots.)

5. Mottam Uruni Dattaku Tisukovachu

Harsha becomes Srimanthudu in the true sense of the word when he announces that he will adopt an entire village that has not seen anything good happen in many years. He says: “Naa degera unna dabbu toh okarino-iddarino kaadu, oka Uru mottani dattaku tisukovachu.” (With the money that I have, not just one or two people, I can adopt the whole village.)

Srimanthudu is the story of how a regular rich boy becomes the saviour for an entire village.

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