5 Deepika Das’ Outfits From Naagini That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Parinika Uchil

June 28, 2019

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One of the best supernatural-fantasy shows on Zee Kannada is the TV serial Naagini. Starring Deepika Das as Amrutha/ Naagini, and Dheekshith Shetty as Arjun, this show has blissfully entertained its fan and viewers for over 800 episodes now! As compared to other daily soaps, making a mythological or supernatural fiction requires more efforts and hard work.

Watch this episode to know if Amrutha manages to escape Shatrughna’s clutches:

For example, the sets must be made specifically to suit the time or era of the scene. Costumes too play an extremely important part in making the show look complete and in sync with its main theme. The Deepika and Dheekshith starrer show Naagini is no different.

Deepika’s main character Amrutha always wears pretty sets of salwar kameez for her role. When she is the Naagini, however, she must wear a specific set of clothes. The costume is made keeping in mind the mythological era but suits the role she is playing. Apart from this, her outfit makes her look symbolic and godly in nature.

Time for the visual treat that we promised. Look at these sizzling costumes and makeup of Namma Naagini 

1. The beautiful white and the ever so delicate blue

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A calm and composed Deepika poses for this photo and to be frank looks very saintly in this picture. Plus, the oomph factor always increases with this particular actress, doesn’t it? 

2. All that is left is black and gold

With a feisty expression, this lass poses in all seriousness in her gorgeous outfit.

3. The bold red

Did you ever expect to see a cute version of the angry Naagini? Nothing except a smile will emerge when you look at this expression for more than a minute.

4. Don’t mess with her, she is wearing pink

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Rudra samhara #nagini?

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Deepika looks like she is ready to take on any challenge as Naagini. I certainly don’t want to mess with the pretty, but serious looking lady. Do you? 

5. Like a Queen, she confidently poses

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Feast your eyes upon the great snake princess; Naagini. She doesn’t look like Deepika Das at all in this picture, but she still looks fierce all the same. 

Which outfit did you think suited Amrutha the most? We would like to know your thoughts in the space given below. Meanwhile, check her exclusive interview here.

Don’t forget to keep watching Naagini, streaming on Zee5 now. 

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