5 Cases Like Auto Shankar That Shook The Senses Of Indian Masses

June 5, 2019


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1. Raman Raghav

ZEE5 series Auto Shankar is inspired by the real-life Gowri Shankar aka Auto Shankar, who used to run the illicit arrack business and prostitution rackets during the early 1980s, in Chennai. His manner of disposing of his murder victims by either burning their bodies to later dump the ashes in the sea or by cementing them in the walls had created a ruckus in the media. The psyche of this criminal and his inspiration to do is explored to a great extent in this series.

Watch Auto Shankar as he rises in rank through the crime world of Chennai

Like Auto Shankar, Indians have witnessed some cold blood murderers and psychopaths in the past. So, let us take a look at five of the most horrific criminals in recent Indian history.

Raman Raghav was more a murderer than a human, who went on his killing spree in the 1960s, in the outskirts of Mumbai. He murdered many homeless people who lived on pavements. In his confession to the police, he confessed to 41 murders. A movie named Raman Raghav 2.0, directed by Anurag Kashyap, is influenced by this murderer.

2. Nithari Killers

Surinder Koli and Moninder Singh Pandher from Noida were arrested in 2006, in connection with the shocking discovery of 19 skulls, bones and other body parts of children from their residence. These two were accused of rape, cannibalism, paedophilia, sodomy and even organ trafficking.

3. Cyanide Mohan

Mohan Kumar was a PT teacher from Mangalore. His method of working was peculiar, as he used to target young unmarried working women from meager backgrounds, whom he would promise to marry. Then he would then elope with the girl and would have sex with his victim before giving them contraceptives, which were actually cyanide pills. Between 2005-2009, he allegedly killed 20 women.

4. Charles Sobhraj

Charles Sobhraj would mainly prey on Western tourists, during the 70s. He was also known as the Bikini Killer due to the attire that most of his victims adorned. Sobhraj allegedly committed at least a dozen murders and was convicted and jailed in India from 1976 to 1997. The way he used to operate was by creating a good rapport with his victims before drugging and killing them.

5. Amardeep Sada

Of all the other criminals, Amardeep Sada, takes the spotlight not just because of his crime but also because of his age. At the age of eight, the world’s youngest serial killer was all into killing babies who were just a few months old. In a short span of time, this kid murdered three infants, one of which was his own sister. Later, when the policed arrested him and asked him for the reason for murdering the babies, he just smiled and asked for biscuits.

So, be ready to get to know the mindset of the terror named Auto Shankar. Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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