5 Bold Scenes From Sex Drugs & Theatre That Are Path-Breaking

Rukmini Chopra

April 21, 2019


1 min

1. Sanket Gets Blown Away


In the very first episode of Sex, Drugs & Theatre, we are introduced to Sanket and Mukta’s naughty ways. This couple is wild and doesn’t shy away from indulging in sexual escapades in public spaces. In this scene, Mukta does her ‘job’ well in a parking lot, after a shopping trip with Sanket.

We hope you catch our drift! You’re not going to make us spell it out, are you? Catch the teaser of Sex Drugs & Theatre here.

2. Sanket And Mukta Go All Out


Gone are the days when flowers were used as symbolism to depict sex. Today, what you see is what you get. Sex Drugs & Theatre is a bold series that goes all out in showing explicit scenes and here we see Sanket and Mukta’s wild side.

3. A Big Kiss In A Small Crowd


This scene in Sex Drugs & Theatre defines bold. Here we see Mukta making Sanket jealous by planting a nice long kiss on Suraj’s lips. And the most interesting part? She kisses him amidst a big crowd. Wow, talk about guts eh?

4. Three’s Company


Looks like there’s no stopping Sex Drugs & Theatre when it comes to the outright boldness. In this scene, we see the notorious Sanket having fun with two girls. And at one point, the women get busy while Sanket watches. Woah!

5. Mukta Gives Suraj A Lesson In Kissing


Suraj is a shy man who hasn’t been sexually active. He doesn’t even know how to kiss. But the lad shouldn’t worry as Mukta saves the day and gives him a detailed lesson in kissing! There’s a zoomed in shot of the two snogging. Ladies and gentlemen, if you too feel you suck at kissing, feel free to seek tips from Mukta and Suraj.

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