5 Best Weekend Destinations Around The World For A Bachelor Party Like In Mafia!

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July 10, 2020


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Mafia, the ZEE5 Original thriller series about six friends who meet after several years for a bachelor party in Madhupur. Actors Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Saurabh Saraswath, Ridhima GhoshAnindita Bose, and Ishaa Saha star in this action-packed thriller, which has been directed by Birsa Dasgupta. In the spirit of making merry at bachelor parties, we got you these weekend destinations from around the world that make for an ideal option to have the best bachelor party in! While it might not be possible to travel now because of COVID-19, there is no harm in making a bucket list, right?

Watch the trailer of Mafia below:

Las Vegas Source: Wallpaperflare[/caption]

This one is a no-brainer if you and your friends like the prospect of partying hard and getting down in Sin City! Where else will you find glitzy casinos, swanky night clubs, and wildly dazzling shows in the same place? Head to Las Vegas in the USA if you want to let your hair down one last time in the most rambunctious style with your homies. And remember–what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations to host a bachelor party. The city is known for its open-minded culture and world-class entertainment options. Vibrant nightlife, exotic shows and the most scrumptious food are a given when you are here. Whatever your vices, you are sure to find safe and legal ways to indulge them! The rich scenic beauty with sprawling natural parks, rivers, and biking trails are a plus.

3. Goa, India

Source: Pxfuel

You can pick any place in the state of Goa in India to enjoy the spectacular sun, wine and sea and just chill out! You can even hold your bachelor party on a yacht if you choose, for a novel experience with your gang. The famous beaches with rows of shacks that you can go to eat, drink and party at are some of the best things you can do here. Get a massage after a day of swimming, watch the brilliant sunset, and kick back in style!

4. Ibiza, Spain

Source: Needpix

If big and bold parties are your scene, go to Ibiza for an unparalleled experience. Beaches, bottomless booze, fantastic music and everything under the sun that you want to do can all be entertained here. Remember that party song by The Vengaboys? Well, they were right. Ibiza is where it’s at! Just try not to get addicted to the place!

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just like in the movie The Hangover Part 3, a bachelor party in Bangkok, Thailand, will probably be wildly fun! Night markets, exotic bars, beaches, both sophisticated dining options and mind-blowing street food– what more could you want on this significant occasion? After all, you only have a bachelor party once (or that’s the goal), so if you are looking for a relatively affordable yet glorious location to host it in, there’s no place like Bangkok!

Which of these bachelor party destinations did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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