5 Best Scenes Of Mahira Sharma With Dheeraj Dhoopar In The Serial Kundali Bhagya

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February 9, 2020


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1. Karan Gets Angry On Monisha

Mahira Sharma, is a well-known celebrity in the Hindi industry. The actress who has played the role of Monisha in the serial, Kundali Bhagya is praise-worthy. Here are our list of five best scenes from the serial, check it out.

In this scene, you can watch Monisha trying to rile-up Karan with her taunts and arguments. However, Karan ends up getting angry on her and she stops herself fearing what he may end up doing in anger.

2. Monisha Lies For Leaving The Function

As Karan and Monisha attend the engagement function, everyone around them wishes for Monisha to walk away from it. After a small distraction, Monisha decides to not attend the function and leave. However, she is stopped and asked for a reason to leave. Feared being caught, she lies about forgetting the ring and convinces people to let her get it. 

3. Monisha Flirting With Karan

Monisha in this scene tries to flirt with Karan, however, when he is distracted, she bribes the bartender to spill drinks on her later. As instructed, the bartender does the same and Monisha asks Karan to accompany her to her room, exactly as she planned.

4. Karan Reminds Monisha About Their Marriage Deal

As Monisha tries to trash talk about the decoration in her wedding, Karan drops by and assures that everything is great and she doesn’t need to bother herself thinking about all this. However, she keeps complaining about the decoration, which prompts Karan to reprimand her and remind her about their deal of getting married. Clearly stating that, he doesn’t like to be controlled.

5. Karan Announces Marriage With Monisha

Karan holds a press conference to announce his marriage with Monisha. Everyone is taken aback by his sudden decision, however, Karan is sure about this and clearly expresses his desire to marry her. Monisha feels accomplished as she hears him reveal this.

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