5 Murder Mysteries You Can Read If You Enjoyed Watching The Movie Faster Fene 

Manjiri Shete

July 31, 2019


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Having grown up  reading mystery novels, Faster Fene  on ZEE5 was a delight to the sore eyes. What I thoroughly enjoyed was Banesh Fene’s determination to get to the root of his friend’s murder and uncover a huge scam in the process. Throughout the movie, I was at the edge of my seat gasping at all the twist and turns.

Watch Faster Fene again and enjoy the thrilling journey:

Like me, after watching the film, if you’re still going through the ‘Faster Fene hangover’, here are murder mystery books that will cure it!

1. Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient express Agatha Cristie
Source: Instagram

As I have grown up voraciously consuming Agatha Christie’s novels, this one belongs to the list of my favourites. A murder takes place on a train of which three people are held responsible. Who do you think will be the killer? Don’t take anything on face value as the suspense will leave you shaking.

2. The Valley of Fear

The Valley of Fear by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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After much contemplation, it was hard to narrow down to just one Sherlock Holmes novel, but ‘The Valley Of Fear’ made the cut. In the book, Moriarty is up to committing a heinous crime and it depends on Sherlock to stop him. You will be ‘Sherlocked’ after reading this novel.

3. Big Little Lies 

Big little lies by Liane Moriarty
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Four friends with different personality traits are carrying on with their lives. It’s one little incident snowballs into a bigger fiasco which ends up into a murder. More than just being a murder mystery, this book focuses on serious topics like mental health, physical abuse and much more.

4. The Cuckoo’s Calling

The Cuckcoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith
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Raise your hand if the Potterhead in you just can’t get enough of JK Rowling’s works? Written under an alias, this book is just as delicious as Nutella sandwich which you can’t get enough of.

5. The Girl On the Train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Source: Instagram

What if the people whom you usually see regularly, suddenly disappear? Rachel, the protagonist of The Girl on the Train, follows the breadcrumbs when a girl she vaguely knows goes missing. The revelation, in the end, is more shocking than your best imagination.

If you have your favourite crime thrillers books to add to this list, do let us know in the comments.

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