4 Years to Saat Uchakkey: A Slapstick Comedy About 7 Crooks Chasing Gold

A comical heist with a brilliant cast makes Saat Uchakkey a must-watch!

Mahima Maniar

October 14, 2020


5 min


Saat Uchakkey is songwriter and theatre man Sanjeev Sharma’s directorial debut. This is one of those rare films that brings together a brilliant ensemble of actors. The likes of Manoj Bajpayee (Pappi), Kay Kay Menon (Daroga Tejpal), Annu Kapoor (Bichhi), Vijay Raaz (Jaggi) and Anupam Kher (Diwan) roped into this slapstick comedy makes this movie worth a watch.

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The film follows the main Bollywood trope of earning quick money. Traversing through the streets and gullies of Old Delhi, Saat Uchhakey is a comedy caper that revolves around how seven small-time crooks form a ragtag gang and venture out into a heist.

Let us take a look at 5 characters that got us hooked to this movie.

Annu Kapoor – Bichhi

The movie begins with a mysterious and dodgy setting that foreshadows what is to prevail. An inquisitive shrink, despite several warnings, yearns to unearth the absurdities of a patient in solitary confinement and check whether the outlandish tales surrounding him stand true or not. But he is hallucinated by Bichhi who refers to himself as God.

Bichhi is a lunatic madman who is seen muttering all sort of mumbo jumbo. He has an eerie atmosphere around him. On hearing him, Pappi senses that there is a hidden treasure in the much-contested Haveli of the eccentric diwan. The movie is a satirical take on faith and how easy it is to manipulate naive individuals in search of money. With his hypnotism, he puts the seven thieves on a guilt trip after which they have a change of heart.

Manoj Bajpayee – Pappi

Pappi is the protagonist of the movie. He polishes antique idols for a living, is a devout follower of Lord Hanuman and buys lottery tickets in the hope to become rich. He hatches a heist of buried treasure from a haweli. He fakes his own death to accomplish his aim and to get rid of the nosey inspector Tejpal’s speculations. Bajpayee of the Gangs of Wasseypur fame is seen uttering vernacular profanities that come off as his natural lingo.

He fabricates this plan with his henchmen who are also petty criminals. However, when they attempt to cut off the electricity of an area, his friends leave him dangling on a ladder. Tejpal apprehends him and sends him to jail. His enmity with Tejpal and salty affair with Sona has a tinge of sidesplitting humour.

Kay Kay Menon- Daroga Tejpal

The unique love triangle between Pappi, Sona and Tejpal are sure to tickle your ribs. Tejpal appears as a raging scooter-driving cop, who silently harbours feelings for Sona, Pappi’s love interest. He appears as a righteous officer who returns the gold procured at the end to the police station and resigns to his fate when Sona marries Pappi. He is always in the right place at the right time and senses whenever the seven quirky members are upto no good. But his heart often melts when Sona intervenes in the matter.

Aditi Sharma- Sona

After this film, we definitely need to see more of this actress. When Pappi gets arrested, Sona wittingly uses her charm to set Paapi free. Her patent manner of using whims to titilise the two men who are gaga over her often works in her favour. She is roped into the undulating heist. Her dramatic self is required to pull off the fake death of Pappi and to ensure that their plan is successful. Sona comes off as a smart and independent woman who can fiht with all the sabziwalas and still emerge victorious.

Vijay Raaz – Jaggi

Raaz portrays the role of a hysterical lawyer who gets his work done through petty thieves. He is what we call in colloquial terms an absolute jugaaru. His henchmen Bappe (Jatin Sarna) and Phodu (Vipul Vig) are always on the lookout for making money at other’s behest.

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