4 Ways You Can Deal With Trauma From The Past Like The Characters In The Upcoming Mafia

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July 12, 2020


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Mafia is the newest ZEE5 Original thriller series. Directed by Birsa Dasgupta, the web series is about six friends who were very close in their college days and meet again for a bachelor party in Madhupur. Tragedy strikes and everything goes horrifically awry. Starring actors Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Saurabh Saraswath, Ridhima GhoshAnindita Bose, and Ishaa SahaMafia is going to make for an excitingly suspenseful watch! Each of these friends is bound by one extremely traumatic experience, and hold on to their own respective secrets. Here are some ways to cope if you too have been through trauma.

Watch the trailer of Mafia below:

  1. Accept Your Feelings
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After being shaken by trauma, it often happens that one does not know what is the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ way to react. Remind yourself that there is no such thing as a ‘correct’ response to trauma, and it is okay to feel however you are without any shame. Accept your emotions about the situation as they are, and be patient with yourself.

2. Talk To A Close One Or A Professional

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It can be a relief to share your experience with someone your trust or a professional therapist. Taking this step will lighten your burden and give you an objective perspective that will help you assess the situation more objectively too. You don’t have to bear the trauma alone, so do reach out to someone if you need to! Support is extremely valuable.

3. Avoid Dwelling On The Experience Excessively

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Try not to relive the trauma over and over again, as doing this may overwhelm your nervous system and amplify your suffering. Instead, take a step back to detach from it and just breathe. Meditation is a great tool that can help you do this.

4. Give Yourself Time

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As the saying goes, ‘time heals all wounds.’ This is true to a large extent, so remind yourself of this and tell yourself that this too shall pass. Allow yourself the time you need to heal and don’t be hard on yourself if it takes longer than you’d prefer.

Which of these ways to cope resonated with you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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