4 Ways To Tell If You Are A Coffee Person Like Jasmine From Trinayani

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February 27, 2020


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1. Love for rewards

Jasmine Roy, who plays the negative character Jasmine in the No. 1 Bengali serial Trinayani, has won our hearts and love with her acting skills and performance. The actor is also a fan-favourite with her flawless pictures on social media. She’s also a coffee lover, like all of us, who can’t begin our days without the much-loved beans. Are you a coffee addict too? Here are four pointers which will help you decide as you watch Jasmine in Trinayani below:

As an individual, if you are a big fan of rewards then you are definitely inclined towards coffee. People who love consuming coffee tend to believe more in the rewarding system. Their personality makes them love the concept of awarding themselves with a reward when they accomplish something harsh, like going on a diet or walking a certain distance etc.

2. Low stress

Unlike the common misconception, coffee-drinkers are often people who are laidback and have low stress levels. This special trait is unique to them. Tea lovers, on the other hand, have been proven to get stressed pretty easily.

3. Strong personality

Coffee lovers are known to be stubborn and strict with their decisions. No matter what others may say, they seem to have an unshakeable will towards their thoughts. They are vigilant, focused and attentive. 

4. Unique and different

Often associated with a unique and edgy personality, coffee lovers are known to have a peculiar taste in life. They tend to live a funky lifestyle and all their choices are eccentric and out of this world.

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