4 Uses Of Hibiscus Flowers Which Are So Popular Among Devotees In The Bangla TV Serial Rani Rashmoni

We tell you about some of the many uses for this wonder plant, just like in the popular Bangla TV serial starring Ditipriya Roy and Gourab Chatterjee.


July 31, 2020


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The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Rani Rashmoni follows the life of the great Rani of Janbazar (played by Ditipriya Roy), who worked closely with Gadhadar Chattopadhyay aka Paramahansa Ramakrishna (played by Sourav Saha in the serial) to bring about tremendous reform in our society. Devotees regularly flock to the temple that Gadhadhar serves in, and in this particular episode, he discusses the need to stock up on hibiscus flowers for them with Mathur Babu (played by Gourab Chatterjee). Here are some of the ways that hibiscus flowers have been, and continue to be used across the world!

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1. Offered During Worship

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Just like in the TV serial, hibiscus flowers are extremely popular among all devotees of deities, and are offered to god during worship in temples and even at home during puja. Hibiscus flowers, with their brilliant red hues, make for the most beautiful offerings! Who wouldn’t be pleased at receiving them?

2. Enjoyed As A Beverage

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Hibiscus tea, which is an infusion made from hibiscus flowers, is a delicious drink commonly enjoyed in Mexico, India, Iran and various other parts of the world. Its sweet-tart flavour makes hibiscus tea a refreshing beverage when drunk either hot or iced. Yum!

3. An Effective Remedy

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Did you know that hibiscus flowers have been used across cultures since ancient times to treat different ailments? In Egypt, hibiscus tea was administered to reduce fevers, high blood pressure, bacterial infections, and also to soothe an upset stomach. Today, hibiscus tea and extracts are available in the form of supplements in health stores for the same reasons!

4. For Healthy Hair

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Hibiscus oil, shampoo, and flowers go a long way in keeping your hair nourished and healthy. You can use it in the form of your choice and apply liberally to condition your hair and prevent dandruff and premature greying. You can also crush the flowers into a paste and let the paste sit as a hair mask for some brilliant results!

Which of these uses did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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