4 Things That Made Goyenda Ginni Such A Favourite Among All Age Groups


April 13, 2020


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1. Novel storyline

Most of us fondly remember Goyenda Ginni as one of the most intriguing Bengali TV serials from 2015 to 2016. The serial stars Indrani Haldar in the lead role as a housewife who turns into a professional detective while balancing her household duties at the same time, much to her mother-in-law’s chagrin. We look at some of the reasons why we loved this serial so much. Check them out!

The concept of featuring a housewife who is a sleuth as the protagonist is extremely novel, and appealed to a large fan base. Refreshingly unique, the storyline was different from most others one can see on television, and its originality stands out even today.

2. Ordinary character who becomes a hero

Paroma Mitra, the goyenda ginni or housewife-detective, is someone we can all relate to and enjoy the story of. Children and older generations alike get absorbed into the interesting cases she solves and can watch the episodes as a family activity. We are impressed by this character of a down-to-earth housewife who juggles an alternative career, and we can relive her adventures vicariously.

3. A stellar cast

One major reason that all of us loved the show is because of the brilliant performances by the cast of actors who were a part of Goyenda Ginni. Indrani Haldar, Shaheb Chatterjee, Aditi Chatterjee and Indrajit Bose did a fantastic job of portraying their characters. It was convincing and engaging to the tee. The show also saw the comeback of the talented Indrani Haldar to Bangla television, which made all of us cheer it on even more.

4. Elements of comedy, mystery, action and drama

The plot of Goyenda Ginni involved lots of thrilling elements to keep you hooked throughout! Each episode dealt with a different case, which was full of suspense, human emotion, the drama of everyday life as well as the world of crime and a whole lot of action. These added nuance to the show and essentially made it a fun filled watch to boot.

Which of the reasons did Goyenda Ginni appeal to you the most for? Comment with your answer below.

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