4 Things About Vasundhara That Make Her The Perfect Match For Vamsi

Sneha Bale

May 15, 2019


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1. Vasundhara can't stop thinking about Vamsi's betterment

One of the top Telugu TV shows is Maate Mantramu which stars the handsome hunk Ali Reza as Vamsi alongside the incredible Pallavi Ramisetty as Vasundhara. Fate brings them together in a holy union. But Vamsi, being the brat that he is, doesn’t appreciate anything good that happens to him. Yet, with all her willpower, Vasundhara takes up the challenge to bring out the good in Vamsi. Here are four reasons that make her the ideal match for Vamsi.

Vamsi, without any second thoughts, goes on destroying whatever he comes across. Just like a child, Vamsi is hellbent on getting what he puts his finger on. Vasundhara comes to the rescue every time an evil plan crosses Vamsi’s mind.

2. Bearing the brunt of Vamsi's actions

From saving Vamsi’s image to trying to rescue him from alcoholism, Vasundhara bears the brunt of Vamsi’s actions. During an argument, just to bring Vamsi back to his senses, she even agrees to hang herself to the fan. She does all of it, while still calling him ‘Vamsi Sir’.

3. Vasundhara can make Vamsi forget problems

Sometimes, Vasundhara manages to make the otherwise arrogant Vamsi forget all the problems they have in life and let out a genuine smile. She brings out the child within him and makes him happy without him even realising it.

4. Vasundhara is the Yin to Vamsi's Yang

Nothing can sum up how ideal Vasundhara is for Vamsi, as a life partner. From dealing with his tantrums to consoling him through heartbreak, from taking care of his health, praying for his wellness to keeping his ego in check and loving him unconditionally, Vasundhara proves time and again that Vamsi can never get someone better than her.

If you missed out on this dramatic but beautiful relationship that Vamsi and Vasundhara share in Maate Mantramu, check it out on ZEE5. Or check out what’s happening with Jai and Manga in Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.

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