4 Reasons Why We Root For Ninne Pelladatha’s Mrudula

Sneha Bale

June 10, 2019


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1. Sheer simplicity

In the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha, Madhubala plays the role of Mrudula, the lead along with Madhu, played by Abhi Pratap. In the Telugu serial, Madhu and Mrudula are madly in love with each other. Most people around them try hard, time and again, to break them apart. Over time, Mrudula has been a character we have come to root for. And here’s why!

Coming from a humble village, Mrudula is someone who wants nothing but joy and peace. The worldly possessions do not mean anything to her. She has a supportive family and a loving husband. Mrudula defines that as her own little world.

2. Fights back fearlessly

Now settled in a city, Mrudula is experiencing new things and meeting new people for the first time. She is bullied and made fun of. Some even try to take away the one person that is her whole world – her husband, Madhu. But, our girl, Mrudula, is not someone who accepts defeat. Each time she fights back and wins, politely.

3. Solutions for all problems

Mrudula is sensitive and emotional. She breaks down easily. However, that doesn’t mean that she gives up. Even for the most difficult situations, Mrudula manages to find a solution. And her man Madhu stands beside her to help her achieve the goal. Manasi, played by Anusha Hegde, happens to be the biggest obstacle to their relationship. On the day of Madhu and Mrudula’s wedding, Manasi tried to lock Mrudula up and marry Madhu. But no force of nature could have kept Mrudula and Madhu apart.

4. Unconditional lover

Mrudula is an unconditional lover. She knows no bounds. If asked to sacrifice her life for the people she loves, she will do it without having second thoughts. To save her mother from trouble, she even took the blame and bore out the punishment until her feet bled. And the moment she senses any harm coming to Madhu, she pitches in immediately.

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