4 Reasons Why Pahuna Should Be On Your Watch List If You Enjoy Thrillers

If you are in for a thrilling rollercoaster ride, then, ZEE5 Original Pahuna has you covered!

Manjiri Shete

June 3, 2019


2 min


After a long day at work, are you craving a murder mystery movie while spending time with your loved ones? You can start your  thriller movie playlist with Pahuna, a short film on ZEE5. Directed by Shiva Varma, the film dwells on the happily married life of a couple. However, here’s a catch:  Even though everything looks perfect, what if nothing is? How far can one go to keep their marriage intact? This thrilling short film will keep you hooked until the very end. If you haven’t watched it, then, here are solid reasons why you should!

Watch Pahuna below: 

1. Short film

Being a short film, Pahuna is a perfect choice while you are stuck in traffic or in between your break time.  The dark atmosphere will leave you will a chill down your spine. To go along with that, the mysterious dialogue delivery has you suspect every character in the film.

2. Thriller

Pahuna is made of an amalgamation of eerie music, gothic setting and fishy scenarios, which are  the success formula of a good thriller. In the film, Raima Sen’s docility combined with Kaushik Sen’s mannerisms holds the film together excellently.

3. Starcast

Kaushik Sen, Raima Sen and  Saheb Bhattacharya give power-packed performances while going in their character’s skin. The chemistry between Kaushik and Raima is better than  the one what you see in the laboratories.


The ending will leave you stunned thanks to the brilliant direction by Shiva Varma. Even though it finishes within 20 short minutes, the impact that it has on the watcher is long-lasting.

Let us know your thoughts after watching the film!

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