4 Pre-Wedding Kannadiga Rituals That You Must Know About That Happens In Every Maduve Mane

Parinika Uchil

June 19, 2019

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The festive season of marriage is on in full swing on the Zee Kannada. The proof is superhit shows like Gattimela (Aarthi’s wedding), Paaru (Parvathi’s wedding) and Kamali (Kamali and Rishi’s soon-to-happen wedding). And if you are a fan of any of these shows, you must be as excited for the onscreen Jodis as I am, maybe not so much for Paaru as she is about to get married to Harish, whom she is obviously not in love with. But anyways, the wedding season is on and we couldn’t be happier, especially with the most romantic season of the year, monsoon!

Today, we bring to you the basic pre-wedding rituals that you will learn about in the Maduve Mane of many Kannadiga families. They are interesting and you might see them on your favourite shows too.

1. Nischay Tamulam/ Nischithaartha 

The first step towards marriage is the engagement ceremony. In Kannadigas, the ritual is to exchange the auspicious items of marriage by the bride and groom’s families.

2. Chapra Pooja

This is a pooja in which a make-shift roof is created from coconut leaves and banana leaves in front of the house, to welcome auspicious things into the lives of everyone. Prayers are offered by everyone to God in this pooja.

Marriages are made in heaven!
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3. Devara Samaradhne

An important ritual to both families in a wedding where they offer prayers to their respective ‘family deities’ in different locations. This is done to seek blessings for both the bride and groom.

4. Var Pooje

Time for the groom to be pampered by the bride’s family. While technically it signifies the time when dowry would be exchanged in the olden days, now it is generally the favourite food items prepared for the groom along with a few gifts.

After the Var Pooja, the wedding takes place the next day. We all know that a Kannadathi wedding is an amalgamation of simple customs and traditions all of which have some significance to the nature of the state that is called Karnataka. However, each community and caste of Karnataka may have their own variations and terms for these pre-wedding rituals and it depends from place to place. Regardless, don’t forget to watch out for these ceremonies on Paaru and Gattimela, that will happen soon.

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