4 Must Watch ZEE5 Originals Like Ghoomketu And Dobaara That Will Brighten Any Dull Day


July 29, 2020


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Having a dull day? No problem, just sit back and enjoy these movies that are sure to cheer you up

Movies have the magic in them to make us feel the emotions of its characters, be it happy, sad or terrified. They influence and release us from the burdens of our day-to-day life into the lives of strangers, whom we cheer for later. Some movies easily make us feel good and happy regardless of our situation, as they remind us of all those things that we love. These movies are enough to get you out of that bed on a dull day. Let’s go through a few of ZEE5 Originals that will make you happy and leave a warm glow in your chest.

1. Ghoomkhetu

A story of a man coming to Mumbai to make his dream of becoming a Bollywood writer come alive, Ghoomketu is an exceptional movie with a splendid cast of talented actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It will remind you of your youth, the courage and belief you had to make your dreams come true. It hilariously portrays the daily troubles and situations that Ghoomketu ends up in, making you laugh and hope for his success the entire time.

2. Yours Truly

A sweet innocent story of a lady who falls in love with a man whom she’s never met. She has only heard his voice and sends letters to communicate with him. The performance of the cast and the brilliant direction will grab your attention, and hold you to your seat until you finish the movie. It shows the purity of love, lighting up a small smile on your face throughout the film.

3. Dobara

We all have fallen in love, got our hearts broken and vowed never to fall for someone again. But how many of us have found someone who’s willing to love us unconditionally without caring about our past? This film tells the story of such a couple, one who’s heartbroken and the other is waiting to mend that heart. The beautiful storyline will keep you hooked and before you know it you’ll fall in love with the film!

4. Baarish Aur Chowmein

A Muslim boy and a Hindu girl fall in love, only to be the victims of many problems hurled at them due to their different religion, dreams and hopes. They struggle to find a foothold for themselves in the busy city of Mumbai, all the while trying to do the right thing and making their relationship work. This roller coaster ride of a movie will make you laugh and cry with its amazing actors, secretly wishing that their love succeeds.

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