4 Awkward Moments Petite Girls Have Gone Through Just Like Tanya From Phulpakhru

Manjiri Shete

July 25, 2019


2 min

“You are so cute!” is probably the most commonly heard compliment by every petite girl. Oh wait, this is just the beginning! From here start a range of moments like fitting into kiddie clothes, finding yourself unreachable to the top bar of the shelf and your feet unable to touch the floor when you are seated on a stool. Thankfully, one successful actress, us girls can relate to is Trushna Chandratre who plays Tanya in Phulpakharu on ZEE5. We all do, don’t we?  

Watch Trushna’s acting skills in Phulpakhru on ZEE5

On that note, let’s have a look at things, we petite girls like Tanya from Phulpakhru go through!

1. We are not delicate darlings 

Merely because of our size, do not mistake us to be any less stronger. We are stronger than you could have imagined. Want to place a bet?

2. No, don’t even think about picking us up 

Much unlike those plastic dolls, we are heavier. Do not flaunt your strength by picking us up. You could start by taking our consent first into accordance.  

3. Patting my head isn’t an option 

I am not your pet. Your doggo might really appreciate your petting skills, but I really don’t. If you really want to compliment me, you could start by getting me doughnuts and telling how smart I am. (*wink wink*) 

4. We can still be amazing drivers  

Just because, we are petite doesn’t mean we are bad drivers. of course, we could pump up our seats. I am not letting anyone adjust my car seat. Thanks, but, no thanks! 

If you have encountered any of these above moments, do let us know in the comments below.

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