3 Times Raghavan-Priya’s Bond In Uyire Reminded Us Of Akhila-Adi In Sembaruthi

Here’s what we think is common about the bond between mother – son duo Akhilandeshwari and Adi and father -daughter duo Raghavan & Priya in Uyire.


July 12, 2020


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Uyire – Ties That Bind, starring Arvind Naidu, Puravalan, Guna and Indra in the lead roles, is a Singaporean Tamil suspense drama currently streaming on ZEE5. It is a story that revolves around the life of an affluent ex-military officer, Raghavan. The series is sure to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns.

Whoever has started watching Uyire will surely agree when I say that the bond of Raghavan and his second daughter Priya totally reminds us of the mother-son duo, Akhilandeshwari and Adi’s relationship from Sembaruthi. If you too feel so, check out here what we think is common between Raghavan-Priya’s bond and Akhila-Adi’s relationship.

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I am a huge fan of this father-daughter duo Raghavan-Priya just as much as I love the mother-son duo Akhilandeshwari and Adithya. They understand each other so well that there’s no need for them to even verbally communicate their feelings to each other. They are just aware of each other’s unspoken thoughts. Remember when Adi was starting his own business, Akhila offered to help but the former refused to accept it. While Akhila was angry initially but she did know why her son refused to take her help.

At the same time, Adi also explains to Parvathy that his mother understands why he refused her assistance and she will not feel offended for the same. This is one of the many instances where we saw Akhila and Adi thinking on the same lines. Though Akhila pretended to be angry at Adi, she was indeed proud of him for attempting to do things on his own.

Similarly, Raghavan, who loves his daughter Priya more than anyone else, is a doting father. When Priya’s wedding was called off, she pretended to be strong and unaffected. But her father knew that she is devastated from within, so he tries to talk Priya out of that pain and cheers her up.

Even Priya, for that matter, is very supportive of her father. While Keerthy and Bhumi are a bit detached from their father as they feel that he has let them down, Priya has never made Raghavan feel guilty for his actions. Though Raghavan is still in touch with Renuka and her daughter Tara, Priya is the only one who understands him and never brings that topic up in a conversation.

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Akhila, who always prioritised her son over everything; was devastated when she found out about Adi’s secret wedding to her housemaid Parvathy. While she continued to be angry with Adi for betraying her trust and going against her will; not once did she ask the two (Adi & Parvathy) to leave the house. She could have easily done that, but as a mother, she wanted her son to be happy. Though she still hasn’t accepted Parvathy as her daughter-in-law, deep down she loves Adi and secretly supports his decision. The day isn’t far when she will come to term with this reality and accept the happy couple.

Similarly, Raghavan was clearly very supportive of Priya. When Priya called off her wedding without citing any reason, Raghavan accepted her decision as he believed in her. He was very confident that his daughter would never take a wrong decision. In fact, Raghavan took care of the situation by calling Ashwin’s mother and informing her that his daughter is not willing to marry her son. Later when Priya later resolves the issues with Ashwin and decides to get married in a secret wedding, Raghavan stood by her and accepted her decision.

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Most Favourite Child

Favouritism is clearly visible in both cases. Akhila undoubtedly loves Adi more than her younger son Arun. It can be seen that she is slightly partial towards Adi when it comes to choosing one among the two. The reason could be that she sees herself in her son. We can also say that Adi indeed is a reflection of his mother.

In Uyire, we have seen how Raghavan is way more attached to Priya than his other daughters, Keerthy or Bhumika. No doubt, he loves all his daughters but the favourite one is clearly Priya. If you recollect, in the initial episodes, where Priya was celebrating her pre-wedding ceremonies, Raghavan gets too emotional. That time Keerthy asks Raghavan (on a friendly note) that why he wasn’t so dramatic during her wedding. It clearly shows the attachment between Raghavan and Priya. We have also seen how Raghavan takes out time to speak to Priya before her D-Day and expresses how much he is going to miss her after she’s gone.

I am sure, every parent has one favourite kid. Let us know if you are that favourite kid in your household in the comment section below.

And those who are yet to watch the series, Uyire – Ties That Bind, would surely provide you with some much-needed entertainment during this lockdown. Stay tuned!

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