3 Scenes In Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni That Show Kasturi And Kiran’s Cute Chemistry

Here’s a look at the adorable bond that the two characters, played by Kranti Redkar and Subodh Bhave, share in the film.

Rukmini Chopra

April 3, 2019


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Kranti Redkar and Subodh Bhave in Kiran Kulkarni vs Kiran Kulkarni prove that two people need not be romantically involved, to display chemistry. Meet Kiran, a married man, who is ambitious and career-driven. He tends to prioritise his work over family, and works hard to make his dream of settling abroad come true. Kasturi on the other hand is a con artist who is involved in credit card frauds and takes the identity of the person she’s stealing from. She makes Kiran Kulkarni her next target and steals his name. So what happens when the original Kiran meets the fake one?

Find out by watching the film here.

We are taken on a roller coaster ride when the two Kirans come face to face. What’s striking is that in all the madness, you can’t help but love the adorable chemistry that the two characters share in the film. Here are three best scenes that highlight the same.

1. Jab they met for the first time 

Subodh Bhave And Kranti Redkar In Kiran Kulkrani Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Subodh Bhave and Kranti Redkar in Kiran Kulkrani Vs Kiran Kulkarni

Kiran discovers that he has been duped and looks out for the thief. He waits at the coffee shop and is joined by Kasturi, who is just looking for company to chill with. Kasturi has no idea that she is sitting with the real Kiran Kulkarni and vice versa. At this point, you wait with baited breath about what’s about to unfold. But instead of a revelation, what we get to see is an irked Kiran being bothered by a chirpy Kasturi. She keeps asking him why he’s so stressed and attempts to make him chat with her, but in vain.

This is the first time the two come face to face and you can’t help but love the absurdity of the situation.

2. When Kasturi creates more trouble for Kiran 

Kranti Redkar As Kasturi In Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Kranti Redkar as Kasturi in Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni

Due to certain circumstances, Kiran and Kasturi embark on a journey full of adventures and twists. At one point, they are in a car together and Kiran gets a call from his wife Pallavi. But Kasturi decides to have some fun of her own and makes sexual noises in the background to irk Kiran. Lol! She uses words like “Leave me…not now,” which gives Pallavi a wrong idea and she starts questioning Kiran.

The scene is funny as well as adorable, and the two’s chemistry is too cute to miss!

3. When Kiran and Kasturi seal their friendship 

Subodh Bhave And Kranti Redkar In Kiran Kulkrani Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Subodh Bhave and Kranti Redkar in Kiran Kulkrani vs Kiran Kulkarni

This is the most heartwarming scene from the film, where Kasturi and Kiran leave aside their differences and become friends. Kasturi, who was posing as Kiran, finally reveals her real name, with the trust that her new best friend will not tell on her. The two indulge in a dance and promise to be friends forever. How cute!

Despite not being a couple in the film, Subodh and Kranti’s characters are goals when it comes to chemistry, wouldn’t you agree? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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