3 Reasons Why We Miss Swetha As The Villi In Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Here’s why we miss Yaaradi Nee Mohini’s former antagonist, Swetha, played Chaithra Reddy.


December 22, 2019


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One of Yaaradi Nee Mohini’s biggest entertainers, Swetha, was killed off by the makers, quite recently. Swetha, who was constantly trying her best to kill Vennila and become Muthurasan’s wife, eventually died at the hands of his best friend, Annamalai. While this is good news for Vennila since she is the one who has had to bear the brunt of Swetha’s hatred, we cannot seem to stop missing her presence!

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The role, played by Chaitra Reddy, was every bit entertaining. We are missing the weird antics that she got engaged in to get her way with Muthurasan and his wealth. Not to mention how deliciously evil she was to Vennila with her constant efforts to eliminate her from Muthurasan’s life. The lady who presently wears the crown of pure evil and the lead antagonist in Yaaradi Nee Mohini is Neelambari. But we cannot see her stoop to the level of Swetha’s incredulous villainy. Here are some reasons why we miss Swetha and wish for her return to the show.

Swetha was a badass and far more vicious in comparison to Neelambari

Swetha is definitely a badass and was an asset to the show. Her character alone contributed to so much fun and drama on the show that now, seems all too empty. As an antagonist, she really played her part to perfection. Imagine, having reached a level where she actually fought Chithra’s spirit, just to stop her from protecting Muthurasan. Now that is some level of awesomeness. Not just that, Swetha easily provided more content to sustain the drama aspect in the show. She was also very malicious and vicious by nature, far more in comparison to Neelambari. Her evil tactics to harm Vennila didn’t revolve around kitchen politics as pulled off by Neelambari. They were always life-threatening and added more adrenaline to the show.

We miss the constant challenges she took up against Annamalai

Swetha’s constant need to validate her stance as the villain in the show only helped create more entertainment. Her constant fights, arguments and challenges with Muthurasan’s best friend, Annamalai, amused us a lot. She always seemed like a formidable enemy who could destroy Vennila and her meek personality within seconds. Of course, we all know how that ended (with her dying at the hands of Annamalai).

Added more drama to the show with her obsession

We have to give due credits to Swetha for being such an entertainer on the show. She always had the craziest ways to deal with her nemesis. We simply cannot forget the countless times she tried to end Vennila’s life, just so that she could get what she wanted, Muthurasan and his wealth. Thanks to her superstitious nature, she would always resort to doing weird rituals and follow customs to gain some success for her efforts.

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