3 Reasons That Make Happu Singh The PERFECT Family Man: A Father, A Husband, A Son

Despite being a corrupt police officer, he is aware of his family duties and this quality of his makes him an ideal father, husband and son.

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May 27, 2019


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When it comes to playing the role of a corrupt police officer, we immediately think of the flamboyant actor Ranveer Singh who wooed the audience with his epic performance in the Sara Ali Khan starrer Simmba. In the movie, he played the titular role and entertained us all with a lot of action, drama and romance in equal parts. Well, that was the story of Sangram Bhalerao, but when it comes to playing a corrupt police officer on TV, we can’t imagine of any character other than our dearest Daroga Happu Singh. 

Take a look at his performance on the show below:

The character of Happu Singh was introduced in the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain as an episodic character. Later, it became so famous that the makers of the show decided to have spin-off which was dedicated to the household life of Happu Singh. We remember how he was infamous for being a corrupt officer, but in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, he has changed our opinion about him and now we are liking his ‘family man’ avatar. Without much ado, take a look at our reasons below.

The Ideal Son

Amma and Happu
Source: ZEE5

The first thing that impressed us was the bonding between him and his mother Katori Amma. The character of Happu is known to be close to his widow mother who is strict by nature but loving at heart. She likes to keep Happu and other family members in check. Himani Shivpuri who plays this character has time and again said how she feels that Happu is an ideal son and does not disrespect his mother and obeys all her orders happily.

The Loving Husband

Happu and Rajesh from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan
Source: ZEE5

Being a husband of a beautiful lady with a manly name Rajesh is a task in itself! As much as he loves his mother, he loves his wife too. In the current episode, we saw him not only helping Rajesh in her household chores but also taking good care of her as she had back pain. The interesting part of Happu’s life is to balance between the two Dabangg ladies of the house, Amma and Rajesh. But despite all the difficulties he manages to strike a perfect balance between both and makes sure that no one is hurt.

The Supporting Father

Source: ZEE5

Having 9 children is not a joke, when most people struggle with just one. As a father, he is loving and unequivocally supportive. For example, Ranbir wishes to be a singer, while Kate wants to become a model and Malika wants to get into Haryana police, he supports all his children in the career they want to choose. This is also a sign of how he lets his children make their own decisions. 

Yogesh Tripathi is also a father of an adorable son in real life and keeps updating his fans with pictures of him with his son. 

What do you think about Happu Singh’s character? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch the blend of comedy, action and thriller in the movie Simmba, on ZEE5.

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