3 Lessons Every ‘Mamma’s Boy’ Should Learn From Gattimela’s Vedanth Vashishta

Parinika Uchil

November 13, 2019

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When the show Gattimela began, there were many speculations about this character called Vedanth Vashitha (played by Rakshith), who was apparently a super-rich businessman, who absolutely despised women. Except for the women in his family, Vedanth never mingled with younger women. That was until Amulya Manjunath (played by Nisha Ravikrishnan) came along. Since then, what a drastic change Vedanth has gone through and in just over 100 episodes. Her presence in his life changed his thinking to an extent that he couldn’t stand Ammu holding his mother’s feet for too long. We assumed that he will turn out to be a snob, but he didn’t. In fact, he has no such ‘superiority complex’ of belonging to the groom’s side.

What’s more, he then defended Amulya and her mother, by arguing with his mother that women shouldn’t be treated as such. More than once Vedanth has won our heart with such maturity. The handsome actor has done a fab job executing the character of a rich businessman who has a modern approach. So, while we keep the love flowing for the actor, let’s take a look at the three reasons why we think Vedanth is progressing and isn’t the typical mamma’s boy Suhasini thought he was. 

1. When Vedanth defended Amulya against Suhasini

Suhasini first puts the condition that Pari has to touch her feet and apologise, for her to accept Aarthi and Vicky’s love. Parimala, who somehow tells herself that it is all for Aarthi, goes to the Vashishta house to touch Suhasini’s feet. But Amulya comes there shortly after and falls to Suhasini’s feet, in place of her mother. By this time, Vedanth loses his mind and angrily lifts Ammu up to tell his mother that what she is doing isn’t right.

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2. Vedanth lied to Suhasini even though it hurt him immensely

There is a saying that ‘lying for a greater good’ is harmless. So think of it this way, for Vedanth just as how his mother is important, his younger brother Vicky is equally important to him. But he knew that his mother would never accept a proposal from a lower-class family. So despite all his instincts, Vedanth lied to Suhasini only to protect his younger brother’s happiness. Suhasini was shocked to learn this when the truth came out. She couldn’t believe that her son who used to tell her everything, lied.

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3. When he continued to speak to Amulya, even though the latter slapped Suhasini

Agreed, that Vedanth slapped Amulya back for hitting his mother, but that’s because Paramananda didn’t tell him the whole truth. After realising that Suhasini hit Parimala first, Vedanth realised his mistake immediately and apologised to Amulya. Generally, any other guy in place of Vedanth would not have apologised only because it is his mother in question. But Vedanth thought it out rationally and realised that his mother was a fault first.

All these times Vedanth indirectly informed his mother, that he is old enough to take his decisions while consulting with her once in a while. It is a good habit ideally because being a mamma’s boy till a certain age is good, but when it comes to your adulthood, it can cause discrepancies in your love life. So be like Vedanth and make most of the decisions by yourself while taking your mother’s advice when you feel it is absolutely necessary.

Do you think that Vedanth is doing the right thing? What advice do you have for him? Keep us posted in the comments section provided below.

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