3 Important Social Issues That Have Been Addressed In Zee Kannada’s Jothe Jotheyali


April 13, 2020

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So far, Anu and Arya of Jothe Jotheyali have realised their love for each other but have not expressed it openly. Apart from that, Jhalander continues to conspire against Arya while also trying to attack his life. Subbu, elsewhere, tries to arrange Neel and Anu’s marriage and seeks help from Arya who sends him back home and also says that Neel would not have been the right person for Anu.

There is no doubt, that the show has reached an exciting point for its intriguing plotline and the complex love story between Arya and Anu, but Jothe Jotheyali has also addressed four important issues. Here’s what they are!

Garbage Disposal

One of the most important social issues that are neglected in real life is the importance of efficient garbage disposal. We see the problems that occur from not disposing of garbage appropriately when Pushpa gets arrested as a result of organising a protest. Once she is released from jail, Arya visits the neighbourhood only to realise the presence of a foul smell near the residential area. He then addresses the whole neighbourhood, to tell that the segregation of waste into dry and wet waste while also disposing them into separate dustbins will solve all trouble. He also explains the need to separate it as wet waste can be recycled and converted into manure after which it can be used to grow plants.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Importance of education

The importance of education has been brought up many times especially when Anu wishes to go to London, Subbu tells her that she must take her career forward only once she has completed her studies. Arya, too, tells Anu how important it is to focus on her studies as it is the only thing that will stick with her at all times. Anu also comes to the realisation that she must complete her studies so that she knows how to apply theory on the field and also understands what she does and why.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Respect nature

Arya talks about how we must learn to respect our surroundings and nature by allowing plants to grow organically. He also mentions that infecting the plants with insecticides and pesticides will harm them as well as vegetables and fruits which in turn causes harm to human beings.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

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