23 UNSEEN Pics From The ‘Story Round’ On Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2 This Weekend

Parinika Uchil

August 23, 2019

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Anchor Anushree With A Pleasant Welcome

Source: ZEE5

After the Duet Round and the Mass Round, it’s time this weekend on Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2 for the ‘Story Round’. Yes! Each Jodi will have to tell a story through their dance and impress the audience. However, there were a couple of things that happened that you should know about. Firstly, till now only the two tiny-tot Jodis; Prekshith and Anwisha, Anoop and Dimpanna were getting the tag of ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ and the Golden Hats. Breaking that trend were two elder jodis (to know which teams got full marks to keep scrolling). The other thing that happened was that one member from another team was missing.

Lastly, it seems like Pranathi of Bramhagantu is still partnerless. But more on that later. For now, let’s begin with an exclusive set of images that you won’t get to see anywhere else from tomorrow and day after’s episodes. As pretty as a sunflower, the most popular hostess in Karnataka Anushree welcomes the audience to an interesting Round; the Story Round.

Rakshitha Prem Gives Herself The Golden Hat

Source: ZEE5

It seems like Rakshitha Ma’am is clicking a cute selfie while Vijay Raghavendra seems to be telling Anushree a joke. I am intrigued to watch this weekend’s episodes to know what this is about, are you?

Anushree And Arjun Janya Ji Stand Stylishly For The Audience

Source: ZEE5

While Anushree looks like she is stoked by standing next to Arjun Janya, he poses stylishly while standing on stage. Maybe some romantic talks are going on between them? We’ll know soon.

Ashok And Bhavana’s Story Is Of A Married Couple

Source: ZEE5

From the Zee Kannada Show Aathma Bandhana, Ashok and Bhavana have improved a lot since their debut performance. In beautiful colour coordinated outfits, it seems that this week Ashok and Bhavana have set their heat level up a notch.

Adithi And Vicky Seem To Be Telling A Story Of Mother Earth

Source: ZEE5

From this picture, I get the feeling that Adithi from Gattimela is Mother Earth and the two above her are the pollutants, causing her to cry out for help. With such an interesting concept, let’s keep our fingers crossed that their scores will be worthy of the performance.

Preethu And Anika Chose To Tell A Story About Lord Ganesha

Source: ZEE5

From the Zee Kannada shows Paaru and Kamali respectively, Preethu and Anika seem to know their dance in and out. Their confidence and bang-on expressions can mean only one thing. Keep scrolling…

It’s A ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ For Preethu and Anika

Source: ZEE5

Just look at the excitement on their faces as judges Arjun Janya and Vijay Raghavendra shoot the hose. Who else is interested to show which song these two performed on and what exactly was their story about?

The Golden Hats For The Deserving Jodi

Source: ZEE5

Rakshitha Prem does the honours of handing out the Golden Hats to the well-deserving jodi, Anika and Preethu from Kamali and Paaru, respectively. 

Pranathi From Bramhagantu Is A Solo Story

Source: ZEE5

While it is still unclear what exactly Yukthi Naidu aka Pranathi from Bramhagantu is planning, the next picture will show you how much her performance was appreciated. Swipe right or scroll down…

Vijay Raghavendra Came On-Stage To Speak About Pranathi’s Story

Source: ZEE5

With her choreographer on stage, it seems that Vijay Sir is praising Pranathi for her performance. If you look closely, they are actually all very emotional at this moment. All three of them.

Can You Guess What Prekshith And Anwisha’s Story Is?

Source: ZEE5

A clue; it’s a bird! While Drama Juniors contestants Anwisha and Prekshith have surprised us every time with their aerial acts and excellent synchronised performances, let’s keep scrolling to see their results.

They Got The ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ Tag

Source: ZEE5

With such a huge number of background dancers who are not only older but also taller to these two kids, it is such a great thing to continuously get full marks. #kudos to these two young performers.

The Golden Hats Please

Source: ZEE5

Rakshitha Prem happily makes Prekshith and Anwisha wear their Golden Hats. That’s three full scores in a row for these two!

I Bet You Didn’t Notice That Soorya Is Blind For This Performance

Source: ZEE5

Yes! It seems like, through make-up, Mahadevi’s Soorya has gone blind for this performance, literally! Hiranmayi aka Gagana seems to be telling a love story of how you must support your partner no matter their disabilities.

The Second Team To Get Full Marks Is…

Source: ZEE5

Hiranmayi and Soorya! The funny thing about this video is Soorya didn’t get to see Arjun Janya and Vijay Raghavendra shoot the hose! But nevertheless, mission accomplished for these two.

The Well-Deserved Golden Hat For Mahadevi’s Soorya And Hiranmayi

Source: ZEE5

While Hiranmayi seems delighted, Soorya does his funny gimmicks after getting his Golden Hat. Aren’t you curious to know about their performance? Stay tuned to this weekend’s episode to see what else happened.

Hanumantha And Shiny Speak The Tale Of A Father-Daughter

Source: ZEE5

From the picture, it seems like Hanumantha and Shiny from the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame, are a pair of father and daughter. In my option, they are dancing in some sort of an emotional flashback. I just can’t wait to see this simple shepherd boy getting a ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ soon.

There’s A Scroll For Hanumantha

Source: ZEE5

But what could it be? The young lad too, looks surprised by this sudden scroll after his performance. Whatever it is I am sure Hanumantha absolutely deserves it.

Anoop And Dimpanna Cry Out For The North Karnataka Floods

Source: ZEE5

According to the picture in the background, it seems like Drama Juniors contestants Anoop and Dimpanna are going to be performing on something related to the North Karnataka floods. While it is emotional I am sure it will be worth every minute of your watch.

Ningi And Barkath Ali’s Story Is So Unique

Source: ZEE5

The highlight of Kamali’s best friend Ningi and Comedy Khiladigalu’s Barkath Ali’s performance is that everyone is of the same height! Indeed this will be the most intriguing performance of the lot.

Suraj And Minchu Perform On A Romantic Story

Source: ZEE5

Comedy Khiladigalu participants Suraj and Minchu look like their performance is going to be romantic. However, their performance aside, who else thinks this picture can be a fantastic meme?

Lokesh And Manthana’s Story Is Mythological In Nature

Source: ZEE5

Comedy Khiladigalu participants Lokesh and Manthana look like they have stepped back in time with their story. To know how they fared, you’ll have to stay tuned to this weekend’s episodes of Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2.

Anupama Seems To Be Talking About A Story Of Afterlife

Source: ZEE5

Did you notice that namma favourite villain, Nanditha from Jodi Hakki is missing? Where is she? Why couldn’t she make it this week? All these answers will be revealed in the next 48 hours. Stay tuned.

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