21 EXCLUSIVE Pics From Paaru’s Upcoming Wedding Day Episode That’ll Have A Shocking Twist

Parinika Uchil

June 18, 2019

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A Smiling Pose Of Anushka And Aditya – Soon To Be Bride And Groom

Source: ZEE5

Zee Kannada’s Paaru is getting interesting with each passing episode, especially after the entry of the new villain Anushka. The hit show is about a young woman named Parvathi, who gets a chance to work in the house of a rich business-tycoon, Akhilandeshwari. It is because of her father Hanumantha (Akhilandeshwari’s driver), that she gets a chance to come to the big city from her village. Since it began, the show has given us fans nothing but an amazing story and full-on entertainment.

Today we bring to you some EXCLUSIVE stills of a future episode which also happens to be Parvathi’s wedding day. However, once you check out these pics, you will find out not one not two, but three super sakkath twists that will keep your mind intrigued for a while.

Starting with this adorable smiling still of Anushka and Aditya together. Seems like they are a thing now right? Keep scrolling…

Nope The Eyes Don’t Match At All

Source: ZEE5

Anushka, who has clearly expressed her dislike for Paaru in mostly cunning ways, doesn’t look pleased in this still. Probably she doesn’t like being compared to ‘logo-eyes’? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Harish Probably Knows The Truth Of The ‘Logo Eyes’ By Now

Source: ZEE5

Akhila and Raghu looked so pleased to see Harish (Paaru’s to-be husband), but can you say the same thing about him?

Before Making The Big Reveal Harish Probably Wants To Take Blessings

Source: ZEE5

If you ask me, this is a picture perfect moment for me, because it shows culture, value and respect, all at the same time. Although, what Harish is about to do may be a tad bit risky!

I Think…I Think Damini Knows

Source: ZEE5

This shocked face of Damini can only prove one thing, SHE JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THE ‘LOGO EYES’! To know why she is shocked, you will have to wait and see.

Harish Goes On A Guilt Trip

Source: ZEE5

From the photograph, doesn’t it seem like Harish is trying to look for someone to tell them about the big blunder of the eyes he has clicked? The guilt on his face is clear proof.

Akhila And Raghu Go To Harish And Paaru’s Wedding Ceremony

Source: ZEE5

Aww! Look at their happy faces, which are going to change expression in a few more seconds from now. Want to know how? Keep scrolling.

Something Is Wrong…

Source: ZEE5

Their expressions change and you can only guess why. According to me, it is some big reveal of the dummy wedding or, Harish announces that the ‘logo-eyes’ are none other than Paaru’s.

Raghu Seems Stunned

Source: ZEE5

Raghu is generally a calm natured man and doesn’t get hassled so easily. But looking at this photograph, it is evident that something has clearly shaken him up. Don’t you think?

The Anger Boiling Inside Akhila Is Clearly Visible

Source: ZEE5

Akhilandeshwari looks enraged by what is happening. Hopefully, it’s not just Paaru, who has to face all the brunt of it like the usual.

What’s That?

Source: ZEE5

The photo that was in Harish’s hand, seems to have landed in Aditya’s hand. Damini, who probably knows the truth by now, seems very worried if Aditya will see who is in the picture.

Hanumantha Seems Like He Is In Disbelief

Source: ZEE5

If my calculations are correct, this is the moment when all hell breaks loose, starting with Hanumanth here, who is probably not ready to believe that his daughter is already married.

Guilty As Pleaded

Source: ZEE5

This crying still of Parvathi proves that the cat is out of the box and everyone knows everything. Otherwise, why would she stand with her head bent down in shame?

Now That’s More Like It

Source: ZEE5

Aditya holds the sacred ‘taali’ while Paaru seems very scared to be looking at whoever is in front of her. What are the chances that it is her Akhila Amma?

Hanumantha And Paaru Find Themselves In A Pickle

Source: ZEE5

Both father and daughter seem lost about the way further. Do you think Akhila Amma will forgive them? How will Hanumant react to this truth, once it settles? Stay tuned to find out!

A Helpless Father

Source: ZEE5

Hanumantha is probably trying to ask for forgiveness of his employees for his daughter’s mistake, like always.

Is That A Can Of Kerosene In Hanumantha’s Hand?

Source: ZEE5

The shocked expressions of everyone prove that I am right. Hanumantha is TRYING TO KILL HIMSELF!!

And There He Goes

Source: ZEE5

Before anyone can react, it seems like Hanumantha has already poured Kerosene all over him. Who will save him now? Keep scrolling…

Why Is Aditya Returning Back The Taali To Paaru?

Source: ZEE5

Or is he giving it to her as her ‘ganda’ (husband)? I can’t keep calm for his episode to come out soon. Can you?

Aditya Looks Damn Serious

Source: ZEE5

From the image, it seems like Aditya is determined to do something about the ‘Taali’ situation and about Paaru. Only if we knew what was going on in his mind.

At A Loss Of Words

Source: ZEE5

Everyone including Preethu, Damini’s husband, Hanumantha and Gani look disturbed. How would you predict this upcoming episode in your own words? For me it was entertainment-filled.

Write to us what you think about this episode in the box below.

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