2009 to 2019: From Wanted To Bharat, Celebrate 10 Years of Salman Khan’s Eid Releases

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June 5, 2019


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1. Wanted (2009)

Salman Khan and Eid are as popular a pair as Santa Claus and Christmas. While Salman has had Eid releases during his career, the Eid release craze really started in 2009 with the film ‘Wanted’. Over the next ten years he has gone on to make 10 films that released on Eid, including Bharat, which releases tomorrow.

Wanted came at an important point in Salman Khan’s career when his popularity was on the down-slide. Wanted went a long way in reviving his stardom. It quickly became a iconic film with Salman Khan’s style and dialogues. Directed by Prabhu Deva, this movie grossed 100 crores at the box office. Watch this action blockbuster here.

2. Dabangg (2010)

Dabangg released in 2010 and only further cemented Salman Khan’s status as the action hero with a heart of gold and a bagful of funny quirks. This movie too made him into a style icon with many copying his style of keeping his sunglasses behind their collar. This movie proved to be a smashing debut for Sonakshi Sinha. It also earned approximately 114 crores domestically.

3. Bodyguard (2011)

Bodyguard saw Salman Khan team up with Kareena Kapoor in a Tamil remake. The director of this movie Siddiqui was also the director of the original Tamil film. This film showcased Salman Khan’s talent to play the lead in a romantic comedy with a dose of action. Giving the fans everything they were looking for this movie grossed 260 crores in cinemas.

4. Ek Tha Tiger (2012)

Ek Tha Tiger sees Salman Khan play the role of a secret spy in a gritty action drama. His romantic pairing with Katrina Kaif was the talk of the town and worked wonders on screen. This spy thriller directed by Kabir Khan, became popular because of Salman Khan’s style of wearing scarves. It grossed around 320 crores being an Independence Day and Eid release.

5. Kick (2014)

Kick seen Salman Khan embrace his larger-than-life image by playing a vigilante rivaling the likes of Batman. Salman Khan’s pairing with Jacqueline Fernandes, ensured that this movie came up with some iconic songs like Jumme Ki Raat and Hangover. This movie was the highest grossing Hindi movie of it’s time at 402 crores.

6. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

Bajrangi Bhaijaan seen Salman Khan pair up with director Kabir Khan again. This movie seen Salman Khan stripped off his macho man image and play the role of a simpleton from a small town. Salman Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s friendship on screen made this emotional movie an entertaining watch too. Till date, this movie has grossed 900 crores worldwide.

7. Sultan (2016)

Sultan again sees Salman Khan take a different look at an action hero. Salman Khan plays the role of Sultan an ageing wrestler who returns to the sport looking for redemption. Salman Khan’s training montage with Randeep Hooda reminds you of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky movies. This movie moved and inspired people, eventually earning over 600 crores at the box office.

8. Tubelight (2017)

Tubelight was the first hit and miss from Salman Khan on Eid. In fact, Salman was quoted saying that the movie under-performed because it made people cry during Eid. This movie was the third movie from the Salman Khan-Kabir Khan pair and the first one to not exceed expectations. Yet, this movie made 200 crores at the box-office and ended up as the 8ht highest grossing movie of the year.

9. Race 3 (2018)

Race 3 was the second consecutive movie of Salman Khan to under-perform despite being an Eid release. Salman Khan even went behind the mic to sing the song ‘Selfish’ which was panned by audiences before the movie even released. This movie marked the comeback of Bobby Deol. Despite the bad reviews and negative publicity, the movie managed to make around 300 crores at the box office.

10. Bharat (2019)

Bharat arrives at an important time in Salman Khan’s career. After delivering a slew of blockbuster hits on Eid, he is coming off a slump with 2 relative flops. He is back with his popular romantic pairing on-screen, Katrina Kaif. How well do you think Bharat will fare at the box office this Eid. Let us know in the comments below.

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