16 Indian States On High Alert For Desert Locust Attack

Jessica David

May 29, 2020

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Further to the invasion of India by the desert locust swarms, the Central Government has put 16 Indian states on high alert for a likely attack by the crop-munching small demons. Farmers from the adjoining areas of Delhi have been instructed to be vigilant and careful in order to safeguard their vegetation. In Gautam Buddha Nagar of Uttar Pradesh, arrangements have been made to prevent the desert locust attack. Chemical sprayers are being ordered from Britain and other measures are planned to be carried out on helicopters.

So far, the locust swarms have damaged agriculture in 6 Indian states and caused a huge loss to poverty-stricken farmers. Earlier seen in Pakistan and other neighbouring nations, the locust army has now posed a threat to India. Thus, the Centre has alerted 16 states, including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, etc. The locust swarms have invaded India for summer breeding.

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