15 Sensational Dance Performances You Must See On ZEE5

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February 7, 2020


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1. Hippy-Hoppy Performance By Karan And Ravi

Dance is the way to express the ideas of your soul. From simple dance routines to complexly choreographed dance, we have had a chance to watch many. If you are a fan of interesting dance performances, watch these amazing video clips of the best dance performances from your favourite celebrities on ZEE5.

Karan and Ravi rocked the stage of Zee Rishtey Awards 2016 as they performed this fantastic and flashy performance as they danced to a hippy-hoppy medley of songs. Finishing with Zingaat, the actors managed to rile up the audience with the energy.

2. Shabir And Sriti Are Melting Our Hearts

Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha win over the audience with this beautiful performance. Their chemistry combined with this romantic choreography filled the air with the feeling of love.

3. Terrance Winning Over Hearts

Master Terrance, who has always presented a new and novel dance performance, came up with yet another interesting dance routine. He won over the audience of Zee Rishtey Awards 2015 with his incredible energy and enthusiasm. 

4. Sanam Johar's Energetic Performance

Sanam Johar flaunts his dancing skills and acrobatic talents as he dances to the song, Rakhta Charitra. Post this intense performance, he dances along Dipika Singh for a duet performance that shows a completely another side of the dancer. 

5. A Bubly Performance By Usha Nadkarni

After a flashy performance, the beloved actress Usha Nadkarni floors all the people in the audience with her energy levels while dancing to the hip number, Bubli Badmash hai. A performance filled with her usual goofy wisecracks and antics, she managed to entertain everyone.

6. Our Own Maharashtrian Kamli

Ayushi Bhave, Maharastra’s Shrawan Queen does an amazing dance routine on the song ‘Kamli’. This mesmerising performance of the dancer leaves us grooving as we watch too.

7. Effortlessly Beautiful Performance By Drashti Dhami

In this magnificent dance performance, Drishti Dhami shows her flawless skills as a dancer by performing to a modern version of the song, Aigiri Nandini. Her expressions and the support from the backup dancers left everyone awestruck.

8. Purva In Her Swag Element

Purva Shinde, the dancer from Yuva Dancing Queen leaves the audience and judges speechless with her enthralling performance on the song, Wakhra Swag Di. Her style and finesse just proves her mettle as her dancer. A spectacular sight to watch indeed.

9. Pranali Bhalerao Rocks The Koli Style

Pranali Bhalerao, entertains the audience of Yuva Dancing Queen as she performs her on a traditional Koli song. The energy and her stage presence leaves us wanting more of her performance.

10. Super Entertaining Performance

A sizzling performance by the former DID dancers manages to entertain the audience at the Zee Rishtey Awards 2016. Don’t miss it.

11. An Energy Filled Performance

At the Zee Marathi Awards, the lead characters of all shows performed back to back performances that left everyone in love with their quirky dance moves. Watch it here.

12. A Performance Filled With Love And Romance

Watch this unique dance performance by the adorable couple Pooja and Naren as they perform on a romantic song at the ZEE Rishtey Awards. Check out this lovely dance routine here.

13. Let's Tatad Tatad With Sehban And Reem

Sehban Azim and Reem Sheikh own the stage with their amazing moves as they dance to the peppy song, Tatad Tatad. The brilliant colours both in terms of their costume and the dazzling lights are a great sight to watch.

14. Gayatri Charms Everyone With Her Innocent Dance Moves

Gayatri Datar’s innocent performance on ‘Mala Ved Lagle Premache’ charms everyone. Watch the performance here.

15. Girija's Outstanding Performance

Girija Prabhu, the dancer from Yuva Dancing Queen shows off her skills as she captivates everyone watching her performance. This amazing performance of hers earns a standing ovation from the judges.  

What is your favourite dance performance among these? Tell us in the comment section below.

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