15 EXCLUSIVE Pics From The Celebrations Of ‘Ganeshotsava 2019’ On ZEE5

Parinika Uchil

September 11, 2019

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Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: Welcoming Lord Ganesha Into Our Lives

Source: ZEE5

A majority of festivals are celebrated with much fervour across India. Namma Ganeshada Habba is one of the major festivals for the Hindus wherein devotees pray to the elephant-headed God.

Ganesh Chaturthi marks a significant moment when Lord Ganesha was born. This day is celebrated all over the country with pomp and splendour. Technically, the festival is celebrated over the course of one week where devotees welcome Lord Ganesha into their house, celebrate the week with him and then eventually after a set number of days, they do something called as a Visarjan. It means that the idol of Ganesha is then immersed in water as a farewell.

On Zee Kannada last week, members from the Kutumba gathered to celebrate Ganeshotsava with the world and we managed to get some EXCLUSIVE stills, for your eyes only. Starting with this pic of the choreographers welcoming Lord Ganesha into everyone’s lives!

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: Host Sushma Rao Welcomes Everyone

Source: ZEE5

Sushma Rao welcomed everyone to the event with a splendid dance performance. Known for striking a chord with the audience, she was the perfect choice for hosting the Ganeshotsava, don’t you think? She announced that on the occasion there will be a competition between the girls team vs boys team (members of the Zee Kannada Kutumba).

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: Let’s Welcome The ‘Girls’ Team

Source: ZEE5

Young ladies from the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame, as well as the Comedy Khiladigalu fame, came to participate for the event. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16 contestants Joshitha, Sangeetha, Monamma and Rubina were excited to be a part of the proceedings. Little Dimpanna from Drama Juniors twas there too.

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: The ‘Machas’ Are Here

Source: ZEE5

Welcoming the boys’ team, host Sushma already got the crowd’s attention by introducing Suraj from Comedy Khiladigalu fame and Govinde Gowda, who plays the role of Kempa in the Zee Kannada Show Kamali. Apart from these guys, participants from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16, Omkar (winner), Gurukiran (runner-up), Abhisyanth and namma Siddegowdre aka Rohan were also present.

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: Round 1 Begins

Source: ZEE5

From the girls’ team, Sushma calls upon Nayana, Impanna and Dimpanna while she summons Suraj, Manvith and Hitesh from the boys’ teams for the first round. In it, a few backstage dancers came out with some treasure boxes in which a sweet called Kadabu was kept. Kadabu is a festive sweet made in South India during auspicious occasions. Only one box had this sweet and the remaining were empty. So, the boxes were shuffled amongst the dancers and the teams had to guess which box the sweet is kept in. The first round was won by the boys’ team followed by the victory of the girls’ team in the second round. Unfortunately, the boys emerged triumphant in the final round and thereby became the winners of this challenge!

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: The Other Game That Was Played Was About Balloons

Source: ZEE5

As you can see in the image, the task was that each team has to send two members who will be blindfolded and a balloon will be tied to the backs of one of them. Without the use of their hands, the two have to burst the balloon in the shortest span of time. Everyone enjoyed watching Minchu and Nayana. This would have to be done in 90 secs and with the help of one other teammate from the stands for the instructions. Needless to say, the girls’ team won the round.

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: The Epic Pani-Puri Battle

Source: ZEE5

The ‘Bappa Re Bappa Gol Guppa‘ round as named by host Sushma, was held between Rohan and Shravya. The rules were simple, each contestant would be helped by a few of their teammates who had to make the Pani Puri and feed it to them. As you can see in the pic, all the contestants are prepared to ensure their team’s victory. To know who won this round, scroll to the next pic…

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: And The Winner Is… Namma Siddegowdre

Source: ZEE5

Look at the excitement of Gurukiran when his comrade Rohan won the ‘Gol Guppa’ round. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that his teammates have ruined his dress!

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: Suraj Vs Minchu = Gol Guppa Competition

Source: ZEE5

After giving some build-up, Sushma called upon Suraj and Minchu for the second round of the Pani Puri competition. And although both of them had their share of utmost fun gobbling up the dish, unfortunately, the host informed everyone that this round was just for fun!

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: Another Interesting Round Of Destroying Houses

Source: ZEE5

By this, I mean that a member of one team (in this case Manja) was to build a house on the table with a set of paper glasses. From the rival team, a pair was called (Joshita and Manasi). Out of the two, one of them would be blindfolded and the other was to instruct the former to destroy the house from a distance. Luckily, the boys’ team won as Manasi who was blindfolded wasn’t able to hit even one paper cup.

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: Destroying House Round 2

Source: ZEE5

In the second round of this game, Swathi was called on stage to build the houses while Abhisyanth and Harsha were the duo facing her. Unfortunately for Swathi, Abhisyanth hit her house more than once and hence the boys’ team won this round.

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: An International Guest Came To Mingle With Everyone

Source: ZEE5

A special international guest, Anastasia, was called for this round. The challenge was that she would be given headphones and she would have to sing out the Kannada words of the songs in whichever way she understood. The round was won by the boys’ team in the end.

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: A Special Gift For Anastasia, The Special Guest

Source: ZEE5

To treat Anastasia for coming to the show and extending her help, an old bangle seller was called on stage. He then helped the special guest choose some pretty bangles (take a look as Anastasia’s hands). #pictureperfect

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: The Last Round Was Smashing Pots

Source: ZEE5

Adding to the immense fun on the show, the final round came with bursting pots, blindfolded. The challenge was to smash pots with the help of the instructions from the team members. The more pots you burst in the given time frame, the easier it was to get the victory. From the boys’ side, Hitesh was summoned to participate while Impanna was called on stage to represent the girls’ team. Hitesh was the proud winner of this round, leading the boys to victory.

Zee Kannada Ganeshotsava 2019: The Group Click

Source: ZEE5

Nothing is complete without a group picture and we managed to get a candid pic of all the members of the Zee Kannada Kutumba enjoying on stage.

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