14 Years Of Golmaal: 7 Insanely Funny Scenes From The Film That Will Leave You In Splits

Here are a few scenes from Golmaal featuring Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Mishra that make the film worth re-watching today.

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July 14, 2020


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Golmaal: Fun Unlimited has become one of the biggest iconic comedies from the 2000s that became a franchise just like  Hera Pheri, Welcome and Dhamaal. This film was the first big hit for Rohit Shetty which really set him on the part to become one of the most recognised filmmakers in Hindi Cinema today. This comedy film has all of the elements we know and love in Rohit Shetty films, from flying cars, blasts, well-choreographed action and of course Ajay Devgn! Here are some of the funniest scenes from the film.

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1. Fooling The Dean

Still from Golmaal On ZEE5_2
Source: ZEE5

The dean named HaRaMi or Harichandra Ramchandra Mirchandhi is the first one in trouble because of the four. They spread rumours about his having cancer, having affairs with other teachers and even get him in trouble with their schemes like ‘Chaddi pe gaddi free’.

2. Wooing Nirali

Still from Golmaal On ZEE5_1
Source: ZEE5

This classic scene shows all four trying to impress Nirali (Rimi Sen). First Gopal messes up by calling himself a kite seller in America. He then ruins the other’s chances by calling them his cook, laundry boy and servant. They later try to propose to her on Valentine’s day with hilarious results.

3. Stealing a car for the race/The race

Still from Golmaal on ZEE5_6
Source: ZEE5

The whole race scene is classic Rohit Shetty stuff. The scene begins with Sharman Joshi dressing up as a woman to distract Vasooli and steal a car. The whole race is full of funny gags involving a fake steering wheel and an anti-climactic finish. This is also one of the best characters in the film, Vasooli Bhai.

4. The Dean meets the imposter Daada-Daadi

Still from Golmaal On ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

In this scene, the dean shows up to invite Daada and Daadi as special guests to an event. Gopal and Lakshman dress up as Daada and Daadi giving the dean a tough time. He leaves the house thinking Daada is a pervert and Daadi is a flirt.

5. Pandu – the snake fighting servant

Still from Golmaal on ZEE5_7
Source: ZEE5

Vrajesh Hirjee played the role of Panduranga in the film and starred in two very funny scenes. He first tries to figure out why there are four Sameer’s in the house where the line ‘Bachpan me dekha tha….‘ became widely popular. He then also becomes a kung fu fighter with a snake tatoo on his stomach in a funny fight scene.

6. Babli And Sattu Supari

Stills from Golmaal on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Sanjay Mishra plays the role of Babli the don in Golmaal. He hires Sattu Supari (Siddharth Jadhav) to get the diamonds he smuggled and hid Daada’s luggage. The interactions between the half-deaf Babli and badly injured Sattu are one of the funniest scenes in this film.

7. The funniest end to a big fight

Still from Golmaal On ZEE5_4
Source: ZEE5

In this scene, Babli the don and Vasooli bhai both come to get the four guys along with Daada and Daadi’s treasure. They all put their lives at risk to save the old couple at the end of the fight, Ajay Devgn puts himself in the line of fire and gets stabbed in the butt, of all places!

What’s your favourite scene from this iconic film? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the web series ‘Baarish‘ starring Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi streaming on ZEE5.

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