12 Things Shown In Rangbaaz That Transported Us Back To The 90s

Rukmini Chopra

April 18, 2019


1 min

1. Bringing back Kumar Sanu

Shiv Prakash Shukla (Saqib Saleem) is crushing on Rashmi, his college mate and neighbor. Shiv’s infatuation for Rashmi was made clear with the popular Kumar Sanu track Tumhe Chedhe Hawa Chanchal from Salaami (1993). It does not get more 90’s than this.  

2. Let the music play

Before music streaming apps and YouTube came into our lives, we all enjoyed listening to music on our beloved music players, like the one visible in the picture. Did you just go, “Oyeaaaaaahhhh?” 

3. The not-so-smart cell phones

If you remember your parents using cellphones in the 90s, they must have looked something like the one Babita Sharma (Ahaana Kumar) is using above. These were as heavy and chunky as our cordless phones. Thank god for smartphones!  

4. The 90s style statement

Clearly printed pockets on shirts were a thing of the 90s as we see Shiv wearing a lot of these in the series.  Going by these, we’d say sometimes it’s okay for certain style statements to go out of fashion, right?  

5. Side A and side B

If you have used cassettes, you know all too well about side A and B and the dreaded task of rolling the black string of film into the cassettes, if they ever came out.  

6. The beloved landline

Remember making prank calls?  

7. The idiot box in every sense

If you’ve hit your television sets to get reception, you are a thorough product of the 90s.  

8. Radio gaga

Say aye if you’ve tried to adjust the antenna for hours to listen to your favorite song on the radio.  

9: Tin cupboards

If you’ve gotten a scolding from your parents for disturbing their afternoon nap by opening these noisy tin cupboards, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  

10. Not your ‘type’

You are lying if you say you have never used a typewriter just to be able to push in the carriage centering lever, every time it went right. C’mon!

11. Doing it the old-school way

Hats-off to special task force teams who could nab culprits at a time when technology wasn’t so advanced. Here, the team’s equipment is shown in an episode of Rangbaaz and it looks nothing like those fancy gadgets and mediums that our agencies use today.  

12. Back to school

Does that blue water bottle kept on the table ring a bell? 

Tune in to ZEE5 now and watch Abhay episode 5 Crossfire and episode 6 Burn to know how Abhay battles his past and present.

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