12 Important Things That Took Place On The Show Kamali This Week, In Case You Missed It

Parinika Uchil

March 22, 2019

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1. Kamali and Ningi share an emotional moment when nothing seems to be going right.

The BFFs Have An Emotional Moment

At the hospital, Kamali and Ningi get extremely emotional when they realise that everyone is against them. However, these two best friends find solace in each other as they are all they have. 

Watch this episode to see why these two cry uncontrollably:

2. When the besties arrive at the college, they are startled at everyone's reaction towards them.

The Whole College Looks Down Upon Kamali And Ningi

Just as they decide to put everything behind them and enter the college, Ningi and Kamali find that everyone is staring in disdain at them! Soon, a petrified Bharath warns them about a danger waiting ahead!!

3. They still proceed further and are shocked to see this sight!

A Strike Is Held To Send Kamali And Ningi Back

Even after the warnings, Kamali decides to attend class but she and Ningi are shocked to see some students protest against them entering the college. Suddenly, a ghastly attack comes from nowhere and leaves Kamali and Ningi in a bad state.

4. Meanwhile Anika enjoys all the fun!

Anika Rejoices The Attack On Kamali And Ningi

Claiming that this is how all her enemies will be treated, Anika and her friends rejoice at the trauma they put Kamali and Ningi through. They also relax when they know that they have covered all their tracks and this incident won’t be traced back to them!

5. Rishi comes to the rescue of Kamali, Ningi and Tejas.

Rishi Stops The Ambush Against Kamali And The Others

Tejas, who fails to convince the crowd to stop hurling things at Kamali and Ningi ends up facing the brunt of a morbid college crowd as well. Soon afterwards, Rishi stops the attack and screams at the crowd for stooping so low. Look at the rage on his face!!

6. Kamali is shocked to find that her Rishi Sir is still defending them even after all that she put him through.

Kamali's Reaction To Rishi Defending Them

Despite all the trouble that she put him through, Kamali is speechless when Rishi sir defends them from the brutal attack. Not only does she feel even more embarrassed after this, but she even tries to thank him later.

7. After Annapoorna finds out about this incident, the principal of the college gets an earfull

Annapoorna Yells At The College Principal Who Didn't Pay Heed To The Attack On Kamali

Unable to believe what happened to Kamali and Ningi, Annapoorna screams at the principal for paying no heed to what happened right under his nose. She then warns him about his job and asks him to play out his duties more responsibly.

8. Kamali tries to fix what she broke, but in vain.

Things Still Remain Bleak Between Rishi And Kamali

Without even hearing her out fully, Rishi clarifies that even if it was any other student who faced this attack, he would still defend them. While Kamali is heart-broken with this, an upset Rishi just chooses to walk away from her.

9. Not giving two hoots to anything that happened to Kamali, Anika arrives at Rishi's house to take him out

Anika Arrives At Rishi's House To Take Him On A Date

While Tara appreciates Anika’s gesture and thanks her for thinking about her son’s betterment, Rishi just turns down the idea and goes back to his room, upset! 

10. Persistent, Tara uses the mother angle to convince Rishi to go for dinner with Anika.

Tara Convinces Rishi To Go Out On The Date With Anika

Despite his resistance, Rishi loses to his mother and ends up agreeing to go out with Anika. All the time though, he keeps thinking about why his mother can’t understand his situation! I feel sad for him, do you?

11. Kamini, who is at the hospital for something else, finds the two girls and thoroughly insults them

Kamini Doesn't Leave An Opportunity To Insult Kamali And Ningi In The Hospital

Kamini, who is in pursuit of Remo and his mother, chances upon Kamali and Ningi and belittles them to the point that the latter shouts back at her. See this scene to know what I mean!!

12. Kamali and Ningi prove their friendship and never leave Shambu's side

Ningi And Kamali Check Up On Their Friend Shambu

While talking about Shambu to Ningi, Kamali informs her that she misses her mother badly. A few moments later, she bursts out into tears. If you watch this scene, you are sure to get emotional as well.

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