12 Gradual Developments That Happened Since Paaru And Aditya’s Wedding Guilt Trip: A Recap

Parinika Uchil

May 8, 2019

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After Paaru and Aditya got married for real accidentally, things have been slightly awkward between them as you might have seen if you are a regular viewer of the show. While Paaru is literally drowning in her guilt about how she betrayed her family and her God, Akhila Amma, Aditya is falling deeper into those eyes from the logo of his company.

So, what really happened after Disha postponed the wedding?? Let’s look at the developments since then.

1. Akhila’s special dress for Aditya on his birthday makes her emotional

Akhila Gets Emotional Looking At Adi In Her Father's Shawl
Source: ZEE5

2. Akhila’s father’s shawl catches fire, but thanks to Paaru the day is saved

When Aditya's Shawl Catches Fire By Accident
Source: ZEE5

3. Unknowingly, Paaru gets a special treatment from Akhila, on her burnt hands

Akhila Applies Some Pain Relief Ointment For Paaru's Burn
Source: ZEE5

4. When she goes to Akhila Amma, she asks for her blessings with Archana-Kumkuma, but this happens

A Mishap For Paaru Or A Blessing
Source: ZEE5

5. Savithri learns about Paaru’s wedding to Aditya and helps her complete the ‘Gandan Pooje’ (husband’s pooja, sort of like Karvachauth in North India)

Paaru Completes The Gandan Pooje
Source: ZEE5

6. Damini catches Paaru eating from Adi’s leftover leaf

Damini Catches Paaru Eating From Aditya's Plate Red-Handed
Source: ZEE5

7. When Paaru assumes that Aditya is being romantic with her!

You'll Be Shocked To See Aditya In A Romantic State
Source: ZEE5

8. Akhila insults Paaru when she causes pain to Aditya while applying her village-cure on his swollen leg

A Still Of An Irate Akhilandeshwari
Source: ZEE5

9. Gani finally makes Paaru realise that Akhila and her family don’t care about them as, after all, they are ‘kelsadouru

Paaru Cries Inconsolably When She Learns That Her Hisbiscus Plant Has Been Uprooted
Source: ZEE5

10. Everyone at Akhila’s home misses Paaru’s coffee when she doesn’t turn up for work

Akhila Hates The Coffee And Later Learns That Paaru Didn't Make It
Source: ZEE5

11. Paaru’s colleagues decide to find out what is happening but meet a brand new version of her

Paaru's Colleagues Are Shocked At Her Changed Avatar
Source: ZEE5

12. Akhila brutally offends Preethu at the dinner table when he claims that Parvathi’s food is the best

Akhila Scolds Preethu Immensely For Excessively Praising Parvathi's Food
Source: ZEE5

What do you think will happen next? Speak to us through the comments box below.

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