12 Frames From Mr. Majnu So Beautiful You Cannot Resist Watching The Film

Sneha Bale

June 19, 2019


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1. The Star Entry

Mr. Majnu starring Akhil Akkineni, is a cinematic beauty. The haunting millennial love story has been made more picturesque by cinematographer George C. Williams. When you sit down to watch it, don’t blink. YOu never know which stunning frame you might be missing out on. We got you 12 frames that will surely make you want to watch this Akhil Akkineni starrer.

What’s a hero without a heroic entry? Akhil makes a grand entry that will make your jaw drop.

2. The Beautiful Niddhi

Complementing Akhil in Mr. Majnu is the beautiful Niddhi Agerwal. The actor looks breathtakingly beautiful right from the first frame itself. Isn’t watching her a reason enough to watch this Telugu film?

3. The 'Cool' Akhil

We know Akhil is cool! But this frame is cooler (just check out the colours). In this frame, the cinematographer captures the beauty of the place and also the sadness in Akhil’s heart perfectly.

4. Magic In Black And Blue

Colours speak more than a thousand words can and cinematographer George plays around with colours that tell a tale in itself. In this frame, Niddhi’s loneliness and darkness reflect without her saying anything. That’s magical, right?

5. Picture Perfect Akhil

Every frame with Akhil in it looks picture perfect. Here, we’re not sure what’s more good looking. Akhil? Or the location? Or both? It’s all just so beautiful.

6. The Conflict

This picture is from the scene when Akhil and Niddhi’s characters, Vikki and Nikky, confront each other about the issues in their relationship. It’s all too intense and beautiful to not pay attention.

7. The Fight Sequence

While Mr. Majnu is a romantic film and has very few fight sequences, but here a fight takes places at Vikki’s house during the wedding preparations. In the most unique way, Vikki, a.k.a. Akhil, fights the goons while also arranging the setup. Seriously! Multi tasking has never looked this good.

8. The First Meeting

When Vikki and Nikki first meet each other, we can sense too many emotions boiling within them. From mischief to disgust and confusion, this pretty frame caught our attention.

9. Confusion Within

In the film, we see the lead characters being confused and going through an internal conflict. The cinematographer manages to capture the confusion along with the beauty of the location in an expert manner.

10. More Confusion Around

Just when we thought that things between Vikki and Nikki are finally settling down, a new storm breaks out. And most of their fights take place near this very bench. We can’t help but wonder how things between them will get fixed.

11. The Realisation Happens

This location is where Akhil and Nidhi meet often in the movie. From confessing their love to having fights and making up, this place has seen them all. When Nikki is second-guessing her feelings for Vikki, his best friend spills a few truths about him here. What is the truth you ask? Find your answer here.

12. All's Well That Ends Well

Finally! Vikki and Nikki resolve all their confusions and conflicts. They manage to make peace with each other. As they say, all is well that ends well. Mr. Majnu, too, will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

Watch the film on ZEE5 now.

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