10 Thoughts Every Girl In Her 30s Would Totally Relate To

The big 3-0 league is not dreary and scary as much is the hype. And if it’s any comfort, actress Sriti Jha who headlines Kumkum Bhagya is aged 33.

Aayushi Sharma

March 24, 2019


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If you are a girl about to hit the thirties, hearty congratulations on having spent three decades on the face of Earth. Secondly, they are not as dreary and scary as much is the stigma around them, the big 3-0 league. The society expects us to be ‘settled’ by the time we reach this phase, but hey, isn’t it your life? And if it’s some comfort, Kumkum Bhagya actress Sriti Jha is 33.

She is a superstar in her own right. Strong, self-dependent and above all, content in all that she has, despite the curveballs life threw at her along the way up here. Playing the lead female character of Pragya in a popular Zee TV show, Sriti is what an independent woman looks like!

The society would expect you to date a handsome man or get married or push the pregnancy pause and if that doesn’t help, seeing your friends have it all ‘figured’ out makes matters worse. But that’s the problem honey, comparison kills the joy! Tell you a little secret? We all fear changes. Exactly why we have jotted down 10 brutally honest facts that every girl about to enter the 30s or already in the league would relate to

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1. You do YOU

As a woman in her 30s, you have seen a lot, experienced a lot, loved a lot, lost a lot, failed a lot, regretted a lot and perhaps even hit the rock bottom a couple of times. And while things like who your ex-boyfriend is dating, or how many likes your latest Instagram post fetched mattered the most in your twenties, rise above it all and do what counts. Listen to your inner voice and shun down every other which forces you to change for its selfish interest.

2. Be your own significant other

Hell breaks loose if you are single and not seeing anyone as a girl in your 30s. And sorry to mention this is an inescapable side effect of turning 30. People are suddenly concerned about your status but that’s just their problem. You are your better halves and you don’t need a guy to make you a whole. Period.

3. A comparison is the end of happiness

Whether you like it or not, your libido skyrockets in the thirties. Studies suggest that your body undergoes weird changes because it wants you to make babies. And while you cannot focus on anything but a baby in a room, comparing your life with that of your friends can certainly kill the joy. In 20s, we wanted to be all alike, but in 30s, we discover the power of uniqueness and who we truly are. Embrace the glorious mess you are darling!

4. Money is NOT everything

Societal norms suggest we should have a decent bank balance and savings by the time we take the plunge, into the 30s club. But little does anyone ever tell you that money is NOT everything. It cannot buy you happiness and certainly not memories you are missing out on while you work to live.

5. Save for the tough road

Nobody knows what the future holds. What we enjoy today, might be all gone tomorrow. Thus, one common regret amongst the people in 30s is their savings. At least 15-20 percent of your salary should be saved for the unexpected.

6. Embrace change

As a person in 30s, one tends to experience a great deal of mental and physical changes. You prefer reading a book in peace with a cup of coffee, snuggled under your blanket over the pounding music and lights in a club. The only thing constant ever is chance, cliché but true.

6. Tour the world

We have all got one life – let’s live it to the fullest and die with no regrets. Pack your bags and set out with your network of friends to explore the unseen and dive into the unknown.

8. Seek what sets your soul on fire

Your 30s will open you up to something we call food for soul. Because you have evolved over three decades, the enriching experience tends to mould you into having a stoical approach to life. You seek stability – in relationships, career, finances, emotions and everything else that has been on an irregular graph until now.

9. Find your person (s) and lean on them

No man is an island. Albeit you were born in this world alone, it is good to find your bunch of idiots who connect with you on the same wavelength and love you beyond any boundaries. Besides your family, discover the treasure of relationships in a network of good friends.

10. Look around once in a while

“The carousel never stops turning.” Therefore, steal moments from your hustle to stop and embrace all you have. Eat that cupcake, drink that wine, wear that bikini, take that vacation – tomorrow never comes.

Got something more to add? What are the changes you experienced personally after hitting the thirties? Comment in the box below and let us know.

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