10 Things To Add To Your Bucket List If You Are Planning A Goa Trip Like Deepika Das

Parinika Uchil

March 24, 2019

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The ‘holiday’ queen of the Zee Kannada Kutumba is the Naagini actress, Deepika Das. She has made it pretty evident that she loves travelling and we couldn’t be more excited. One of her most recent trips was to Goa and boy did she look sizzling! This gave us an idea to make a list of 10 things you absolutely must do there.

For Thrill Seekers:

1. Flyboarding at Vagator

Flyboarding Is The New Water Sport That Is Trending Everywhere
Source: theadventuremania/ Instagram

Flyboarding is the newest water sport that has gone viral across the entire globe. Extensively requested by tourists, Goa couldn’t be left behind, right? You must try this sport if adrenaline is your best friend!

2. Parasailing at Calangute Beach 

Calangute Beach Is All About Parasailing Your Heart Out
Source: mobile_clicks_fanatics/ Instagram

A smooth sailing experience over the vast seas is what you need when you go to Goa. The feeling of rising above everyone else, even if for a second is worth all the pre-nervousness.

For Peace Seekers:

3. Stay at a houseboat on the Chapora river

Life Is Not Complete Till You Take A Trip On A Boathouse
Source: arineejarvi/ Instagram

From cooking to staying, take a day off on a houseboat on the banks of the Chapora river to connect with nature. An experience of a lifetime, everyone must try this at least once. I know I will!

4. Visit the churches of Goa

Deepika Das Like Peace And So Should You
Source: Instagram

Spiritual walkers will love the churches filled in Goa. From the decor to the artefacts to everything unique, you will find yourself at peace when you walk through these wide halls.

For Food Lovers:

5. Try exotic seafood at the Calangute Beach

Seafood Is Found Best In Goa
Source: capresediem/ Instagram

Check out these massive lobsters on a plate. Hunger pangs kicking in yet?

6. Or even at the Baga Beach

Any Kind Of Seafood Is Delicious In Goa
Source: jacquie01970/ Instagram

Even crabs will do, right?

For Party People:

7. Night cruise in Goa is a must

One Night Cruise Is All You Need To Change Your Life Forever
Source: rohith_tikare/ Instagram

Increase the tempo to another level by visiting the night cruises in Goa. There are many options that you will find to give you memories of a great evening. Singing and making merry will come for free!!

8. Pub life is an in-thing

The Night Life In Goa Is Probably The Most Famous In India
Source: arunkumar_gl/ Instagram

Party people, Goa will be your second home. The varied places that host amazing night parties will help if you like to shake a leg often. Going to Goa with some company? Partying will be even better then!

For People Who Just Want To Have Fun:

9. Cruise Casino all the way

Anything In Moderation Is Fun
Source: jimz_9/ Instagram

Anyone who wants to make a few extra bucks and knows how should visit the cruise casinos in Goa. Again, there are many options. However, remember that nothing should be done in excess!

10. Have you ever tried fishing yourself?

This Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience
Source: samuelrajkumars/ Instagram

Something I have always wanted to do is go fishing by myself! And Goa is just the place for you to do that. If you are lucky you will find something exquisite in the waters of Goa. Good Luck!

We have already created a mini-itinerary for you so all you need to do now is pack your bags and book your tickets. Also, let us know what all you did from this list and how your experience was, in the space below.

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