10 Scenes From Brother Of Bommali That Will Crack You Up

Sneha Bale

July 6, 2019


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Boom Boom Shaka Laka


Brother of Bommali starts with an introductory song for the lead characters Ramakrishna and Mahalaxmi, played by Allari Naresh and Karthika Nair. The lyrics “Boom boom shaka laka, this girl is pichha keka. Boom boom shaka laka, vedu emo Dini toka” set the tone of the film.

The Bava Friend


There are three marriages happening against the will of brides and grooms. Who makes these decisions and why, you ask? Two feuding friends, to satisfy their ego. The unhappy brides and grooms, who are all related, meet up and discuss their problems. Who said problems have to be dramatic? Watch them make it hilarious.

Emotions, Fuel And The Car


One day Ramaki’s father asks him to sign on the papers for his new car. Ramaki is emotional. He is unable to come to terms with the fact that he has grown up enough to have a car for himself. As he sheds a few tears of joy, his father asks why was there ‘water in his eyes’, to this the agent replies, ‘if not water, will petrol and diesel come from his eyes?’

Audi To Nano


In his, excitement when Ramaki asks his father if he was getting an Audi, his father says “aadi-eedi manaku enduku ra” and reveals it is, in fact, a Nano. The poor and innocent Ramakrishna decides to adjust with what he gets and then reality hits him. Ramakrishna’s father reveals that the car is for his twin sister, Mahalaxmi. And the car is an attempt to keep her away from fighting with catcallers.

The Salary Cycle


While everyone is busy trying to get a salary hike, poor Ramakrishna has to settle for less than half of his salary. He does this only so that he has a way to talk to the girl he has fallen for.

The Love Of Mahalaxmi’s Life Marrying Someone Else


Mahalaxmi’s love, Harsha, is all set to marry someone else and has no idea about the girl who is madly in love with him. But unlike most Tollywood heroes, Mahalaxmi won’t do anything. She is will rather send her twin to do the dirty work and bring Harsha back to her.

Welcome Mahalaxmi 2.0


In the film, we see Mahalaxmi as the gutsy girl who does not think twice before hitting, slapping or kicking anyone. To impress Harsha, Mahalaxmi dons a new avatar, a Telugu ammayi you cannot take your eyes off.

Konna Is A BRAND!


The race to bring Harsha to Mahalaxmi begins with the gang meeting Konna, a local wedding planner. Mahalaxmi and Ramakrishna, along with their friends, meet Konna and convince him that his name is more than just a name, it’s a brand. And that’s how they enter the Harsha’s house.

Reaching Office Late And Meeting The Boss


When Ramaki enters a little while after the boss, he gets scolded. The boss, played by Vennela Kishore, says that it’s because of this attitude one the bosses of the company will sit by the temple steps and beg. And at the time you will come and yell at us for begging. To this Ramakrishna says: “No sir. I won’t just yell. I will definitely give you 5 to 10 rupees and leave.”

The Drunk Effect


What’s love without some guilt ride? Mahalaxmi acts like the good going bad in front of Harsha so that he feels guilty about loving her and marrying someone else.

Brother of Bommali is full of funny references and witty punches. Watch the film on ZEE5 now.

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