10 Hairdos Inspired By Angoori Bhabhi Aka Shubhangi Atre Poorey To Amp Up Your Ethnic Game

Aayushi Sharma

May 9, 2019


1 min

1. Side Braid

For most of us, weekday wardrobe comprises of business casuals or strict formals, followed by comfy pyjamas on week offs. Owing to our primary picks, putting together an ethnic look can get tricky at times. And may the good lord be with you if you have one of those aunties who always compliments you with “Ye kya pehna hai?” lines. But thank God for Shubhangi Atre Poorey aka Angoori Bhabhi from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain!

The And TV show star is a big fan of traditional outfits and even her onscreen character wears saree. Check out these hairdos we have gathered for you to pair with your ensemble for the upcoming festive season (you’re welcome!).

Let’s start with the Angoori Bhabhi’s staple hairdo, the side braid. Regardless of the mercury levels, braids and ethnic wear have had the classic romance for decades now. You can add a dash of modern by keeping it messy and even the well-behaved one is quite popular.

2. Traditional Low-Hair Bun

Literally takes seconds to rock this one – start with a middle partition and then tie your locks in a neat bun, as low as you want. Be it a saree or sharara, this hairstyle suits every clothing. 

3. Curly Locks

The easiest one on the block! Plug in your curling machine and style ‘em tips. You can sweep them to the side too for a fuss-free look.

4. Messy Bun

‘Messy Hair, Don’t Care!’ Slightly loose buns can go with a gown,  saree,  lehenga, anarkali – you name it.

5. Hair Puff

Pull your hair back and give it a puff, tuck in few hair clips and you are ready to rock!

6. Half Up, Half Down (With Or Without Curls)

This hairdo has been around for ages now and will stick around for many more. Easy DIY, curl or no curl is your call.

7. Both Side Twisted

Start with a middle partition, twist your tresses, pull them back sideways and clip them. A very smart and crisp look we say!

8. Poker Straight Hair

Besides Shubhangi, many other actresses have been following the trend. Let your locks free and enjoy the filmystyle.

9. High Ponytail

If you are looking for something casual but sophisticated, this is your pick! A simple ponytail can be worked with saree. 

10. One Side Twisted

This style is very similar to both side twisted one. As the name suggests, twist some curls on one side, pin them up and leave the rest loose.

Hope this answers all your quests. If you have tried any of these hairstyles before, share your thoughts with us. Stay tuned for exciting updates and fashion inspiration from Angoori Bhabhi!

Watch Shubhangi Atre Poorey’s sizzling moves on Judwaa 2 song Aa Toh Sahi and many more performances of the actress on ZEE5!

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