10 EXCLUSIVE Candid Photos Of Gattimela Cast That You Won’t Get To See Anywhere Else

Parinika Uchil

August 8, 2019

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Parimala, Manjunath, Suhasini And Sarika All In A Happy Still…Wait, What?

Source: ZEE5

After many weeks of hiding Aarthi and Vicky’s love-story from everyone, finally, the truth is out. On Aarthi and Gautham’s ‘wedding’ day, Vedanth ensured that with the help of Paaru and Aditya, he exposed the truth about the groom’s dark side. Suhasini too came to the venue just to insult Parimala after learning about the girl her son loves. Pari, on the other hand, isn’t able to handle the demeaning things Suhasini speaks about her and her family. She gets a heart attack. Fast forward to the last few episodes, Suhasini keeps a condition that she will agree to Vicky and Aarthi’s love only if Parimala touches her feet and apologises.

Helpless, Parimala indeed did so in yesterday’s episode. While the show is going so interestingly well that the fans are hooked to every serial, we decided to treat you with some adorable and smiling EXCLUSIVE pictures from an upcoming episode on the show. So for now, keep the story of the show aside, because these pictures are just happiness through and through.

Starting with this photo. Did you ever think in your life that you will Parimala, Manjunath, Suhasini and Sarika smiling like this to the camera? I am sure I didn’t.

Ammu Caught While Watching The Episode

Source: ZEE5

Either that or Amulya Manjunath aka Nisha Ravikrishnan is listening to music. If you look closely at the chair it seems like some post-production equipment, so maybe she is seeming something and we caught her!

The On-Screen And Off-Screen Best Friends

Source: ZEE5

It doesn’t matter if it is Priya-Nisha or Adithi-Amulya, these two girls have time and again claimed that they are more than best friends in real life too. Amulya even came to support Adithi last week on DKD Family War 2, so it is safe to say that Rani gets to enjoy both their company in this candid still.

The Manjunath Sisters And Their Adorable Sister-In-Law

Source: ZEE5

Posing like pretty lasses are Aarthi, Anjali, Adithi, Amulya and finally their sister-in-law Aadya. Aren’t you just glad that unlike other mean sisters-in-law, Aadya is such a doll? No wonder all the four Manjunath sisters love her so much. #pictureperfect

The Ladies Of Gattimela Just love Posing… And We Aren’t Complaining

Source: ZEE5

While the picture looks incomplete without Aarthi aka Ashwini, it will send a smile to your face nevertheless. Keep scrolling for more…

A Candid Pose For The Camera During The Pooja Scene

Source: ZEE5

All the family members seem to be at a temple performing some kind of pooja. But for us fans, they ensured to pose separately for smiling picture and here is the exceptional result. All of them look so happy with what they are doing.

Aarthi’s Subtle Smile Is The Highlight Of Her Face And Personality

Source: ZEE5

No wonder Vicky is head-over-heels for namma Aarthi Manjunath. Her smile, her beauty and the way she delicately carried herself onscreen are more than brilliant. Fallen in love yet?

Gattimela’s Three Musketeers…Is There A Word For Female Musketeers?

Source: ZEE5

Adithi, Amulya and Aadya (Priya, Nisha and Anvitha) look like the three musketeers, with the same smile, same pose and same attitude. #Hotlasses…Check.

Amulya’s Smile Has A Certain Charm To It. Yay? Or Nay?

Source: ZEE5

During her auto scene, Amulya realised that we were taking candid pictures and was humble enough to pose. I don’t know about you but she is my favourite actress on the ZEE5 roster, hands down.

Another Gorgeous Poses From The On-Screen Gattimela Sisters

Source: ZEE5

At such a young age, these women have gone out there to achieve a name for themselves and fans are actually loving it. On behalf of the Zee Kannada Kutumba, we wish all the cast and crew of Gattimela good luck and hope that more interesting episodes like this come up in the future. Agree?

Which was your favourite picture? Let us know in the comments box below.

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